Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Mary!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful little girl Mary. Yesterday was Marys' 2nd birthday, though we celebrated it on Monday as Sean had to work yesterday. She had a wonderful day. Playing with the family and opening presents. I made her a cake and dressed her in her new birthday dress. She was so thrilled with her new toys.

I cannot believe Mary is two already. It seems like just yesterday I woke up at 11pm to what I thought was the urge to pee. Only it wouldn't stop. My water had broken and was very unpleasant. I had just gotten to sleep and was so annoyed that this was happening NOW. I woke up Sean and he quickly drove me to the hospital. He dropped me off as we had no one to watch the children. So I gave birth to Mary alone. She was also a surprise! We had no idea what her sex was. It wasn't by choice, things were just very complicated at that point in our life. She was born at 1:52am. Because she was born so quickly, the fluid in her lungs didn't come up as quickly as the doctors would have liked, so they had to suction a lot of it out of her. So I didn't get to hold her for almost an hour after she was born. It was a little scary at first, but all was well.

These past two years with Mary have been such a blessing. She is a beautiful, bright, and loving little girl. She has a strong maternal instinct and loves to help with her baby sister Lizzie. She can be a bit shy and gets her feelings hurt easily, but aren't all girls that She loves to sing and dance, and is a total Daddy's girl. She loves to look pretty and will say "I'm so pretty" when shes all dressed up. She can carry a complete conversation with you and actually make sense. Shes very smart and loves to learn. She is truly a blessing.

Here are a few pictures of Mary from the last two years...enjoy!

1 day old

 4 weeks old

First Halloween

First Christmas

Learned to sit up alone

First Birthday

Second Christmas

First Corn on the cob

2nd Birthday

Opening presents

Mary and her new baby...her favorite gift

Mary and Lizzie with the new dollhouse

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