Saturday, November 6, 2010

2010/2011 School Year Begins!

Its that time of year again. We started another school year on November 1, 2010. We have stayed with Setons, since it seems to work well for Declan. This year I have gone ahead and started Cian in Kindergarten. Setons curriculum is a bit advanced for him, so I did not actually enroll him. Instead, I bought all the books and decided to let him work at his own pace. So far so good!

Here is a rundown of Declans classes:
1. Religion 2 for Young Catholics
2. Math 2
3. Phonics 2
4. Reading (This is a new class this year)
5. PE
6. Spelling 2
7. History of the Saints/ Maps & Charts
8. English 2
9. Handwriting 2
10. Art 2

So far, Religion has been a review of his prayers, which we are currently helping Cian to learn, and a review of Creation. (God created the heavens and earth etc.) Math has also been a review of Addition, Subtraction and Time. All easy stuff he just blew through. Cian has been learning simple directions like inside, outside, on top of and below. He is also learning the same and different and identifying the three basic shapes (He actually already knew those). These are all things that come a bit slow for him. It requires more attention and patience. (If he were enrolled in a public school, he would have been put in a "special" class. That's not acceptable to me or Sean). Little by little, he is starting to get it.

Phonics has also been a review for Declan. Identifying an image and writing the word below it. Again, all stuff he blows through. Cian learned the letter T and its sound this week. He is slow at remembering letters, if give a worksheet. I think he finds them boring, so I use a few online games for him. He responds to that better. Its funny, he remembers the sound T makes, but always forgets what it looks like.

Reading is a new subject for Declan this year. The class consists of using a reader Mon-Wed (These Are Our Neighbors.) He reads a short story in the reader each day and answers questions. On Thurs-Fri, He has to do a book review. (See photo on left) He reads a book and then has a list of questions he must answer about the book. (Title, Author, when and where it takes place, main characters, order of events and critique of the book.) He did his first review this week. Lets just say, he's not thrilled. He had to finish his review today since he didn't get it done in class yesterday. Sean and I like this subject because it makes him think about what he's reading, and not just blurting out the words. He has to then remember what he read and put that in his own words, in complete sentences. He hates that, lol.

The first week of Spelling were really simple words that he could spell in his sleep, So I skipped ahead to week 2. He knew 5 out of ten of the words. He's a very good speller. He usually sees a word once and remembers how to spell it. Wish I could do that. I can't spell

History is different this year. He is learning about Saints in History. This week was St. Anne, the Mother of the Blessed Mary. He also has Maps and Charts. This week was all about pictures and captions. he likes this class and does well in it.

Cian doesn't have any of these classes, so during this time when I need to give Declan more attention, he his either playing a game online or coloring in his Art book. Sometimes, Mary even comes in to join him.

In English, Declan is learning to use a Dictionary. How to put words in ABC order. Not a favorite for him as well. He gets it, but gets a bit frustrated at times. So that is what we worked on this week.

Handwriting is the last class of our school day. Declan has been reviewing A-E, which he really needs. His handwriting has something to be desired. He is his Fathers son. This class is my biggest challenge with Cian. He cannot write at all and has not shown any interest in learning until this year. He started this week with basic downward stroke letters, l, i, and j. He did great with the l's, but he had a hard time with the dot above the i. He is not use to writing in lines either. The j's, well lets just say he needs a lot more practice. Not too bad for his first week though.

All in all, it was a good first week. At least until today....the faucet on my kitchen sick broke off and sprayed water all over the ceiling and kitchen. Our landlord can't have someone come out to fix it until Monday, at the earliest. The whole faucet needs to be replaced.....sigh. So I am without a kitchen sink. Ever see the episode of Steinfield where Crammer does all his dishes and cooking in the shower? That's where I'm Hope everyone had a great week!!


  1. I LOVE hearing about what you are doing in school! Great job!

  2. Wow! you have a full plate. I think it would be very rewarding to actually see hoe your child is doing with school work. Granted, I love the preschool that Henry and Irene go to. They get some religion as well.

    What a bummer about your Halloween! I hope your stroller is able to be fixed!

    Have a beautiful November!!


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