Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Mishap

Well, this Halloween didn't go as planned at all. The day started out pretty good. We watched the Patriots and hung out as a family, eating lots of yummy appitizers. When the game was over, we dressed the kids in their costumes and headed to the mall for trick or treating. Loaded all the kids into the quad stroller and tried to push it into the mall. Something wasn't right. Sean couldn't push the stroller. He checked all the breaks, all unlocked. Then I noticed something wasn't right with the front right tire. OMG, the plastic joint that attaches the wheel to the stroller completely split apart. (I contacted the company that makes the stroller and they told me we had to go through the company that sold us the stroller. Well, apparently they were a factory that was putting the stroller on auction. Sean bought the stroller on Ebay. The seller said the factory they got it from went of business. Still waiting on what to do next.) We weren't going anywhere. So, how do you tell 6 kids they can't go trick or treating this year......sigh.

We had to make a quick decision as the mall trick or treating would be ending in about an hour. So we quickly drove home. Sean dropped off Mary, Lizzie, Liam and I at the house. He took Declan, Cian, and Fionn back to the mall. I felt so bad, so I put on Planet 51 for them and they got to help me pass out candy to the delinquents children in our neighborhood. We had pizza and candy for dinner! Sean and the boys came home with sword balloons and and a half bag of candy each. All was not lost, at least they had fun. Here are a few pictures of the kids in their costumes. To the left is Liam the Gorilla. He had a mask but refused to wear it. Sorry for the blurry photo. He has never stood still for a moment in his life.

Mary was Minnie Mouse. The kids have all been obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney, so Mary picked Minnie. She was sooooo cute. Fionny Bear was Charlie Brown. He loves all the Peanuts cartoons and asked if he could be Charlie Brown after watching The Great Pumpkin. I do say, he made a very good looking Charlie Brown.

Sean took Declan and Cian to the Halloween Superstore to find Star Wars costumes. They had every character you could think of, but when Declan saw this Mario costume, he just had to have it. Of course, anything Declan wants, Cian wants too. So, they were BOTH Mario....sigh.

Here's Declan, hamming it up for the camera.

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