Monday, November 8, 2010

Kitchen Sink Update

I have a few minutes between school and deciding what to fix for dinner to post a quick update on the kitchen sink dilemma. As I said in my last post, the faucet broke off and water went spraying all over my kitchen. I called our landlord and she called her fix-it guy. Unfortunately, he was out of town and couldn't make it until today. So we had no running water in the kitchen all weekend. To make matters worse, my dishwasher backed up again......sigh.

So, after determining that the entire garbage disposal and faucet needed to be replaced, here is the finished product. The faucet can either spray or pour out, and you can pull out the head to move it around. It works great!!! It only took them two hours too. Not too much school disruption this time. Now all is right in the O'Donnell Have a great Monday!!!

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  1. looks great!!!! I'm glad you're back with running water in the kitchen and can wash your dishes in the sink again.



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