Monday, November 15, 2010

Long Week

Wow, it has really been a long week. We got through another week of school. Still reviewing with Declan, but I think I'm going to start blowing through it. He seems bored and I need to have school finished by the beginning of June this year. We will be moving that month, along with a few other changes. Cian continues to do well too. He has learned both letters T and B, he knows the sounds and can recognize both in words. A good start, I just hope it keeps being this easy with him.

Sean has been working his butt off at work. Lots of people on PTO, so he has been pulling a lot of hours. In fact, yesterday and today was his first days off in almost two weeks. (Cut short this afternoon due to a call from his boss. An employee was caught using his login to rack up thousands of dollars in credits for he went in to give the staff a royal ass chewing.....sigh.) Its been rough on me because I haven't been feeling well the last two weeks. I'm hoping it will go away soon.

We started breaking out the Christmas decorations this weekend. I have been checking through them for spiders and taking an inventory. Sean wants to buy new decorations this year. We are planning on decorating the weekend before Thanksgiving. Its been so hot here, it doesn't even feel like November. Its been 80 or so all week. This year we also decided not to waste an entire Thanksgiving cooking, so we ordered our entire meal from Honeybaked this year. Sean also ordered our pies from this world famous shop in LA. The pack it in dried ice and ship it to you. We are so excited to watch the Patriots and not have to worry about cooking!!!

That's pretty much all that's been happening this week. Hope everyone is having a week!!!

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