Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

This Christmas was a bit chaotic. Not as smooth as we had hoped. I'll start from Christmas Eve. Sean came home from work and last minute shopping around 5pm. We ordered Chinese for dinner and let the kids watch A Christmas Story before bed. We dressed them all in their new Christmas jammies and Sean read The Night Before Christmas to them. All were in bed by 7pm!! This was the best picture I could get of all 6 of them.

Sean and I waited an hour or so to start putting the two scooters and two bikes together. That was not fun. On top of that, I did finish all my wrapping before Christmas, but all the gifts Mom and Dad sent came Christmas Eve, so I had a tun to wrap. My closet was full of boxes from top to bottom, filled with wrapped presents. Sean got the job of dragging them all out and putting them under, around, and all over the living room. It was a overwhelming, even for us. Sean had been worried for weeks that I didn't buy enough toys for all of them. I think we went a bit overboard. I took these pictures just before we let the monsters loose.

Here is a short video of their reaction! Pretty funny.

The present opening started off pretty crazy. Declan was all about "me, me, me" which made Sean pretty angry. He would pout when it wasn't his turn to open a gift. we keep telling ourselves, its just a faze. I sure hope so....sigh.

Fionny opening his favorite gift!

Mary opening her first gift.

Liam attempting to open a present. He checked out after 6 gifts. We actually had to finish his gifts the next morning.

Cian opening a Star Wars guy. It wouldn't be Christmas without them.

Lizzie and Daddy opening a present!!

Declan with his Star Wars Playdoh set.

The kids were so overwhelmed. We had to take several breaks throughout the day. We finally finished with presents after dinner. They were completely out of control and crazy. It was just too much for all of them to handle. Next year, we need to cut back, way back. I hate to say it, but it wasn't very enjoyable. Here are a few more photos taken throughout the day. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

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  1. Guess it was the Best Christmas...Now..this morning, need to say to all " Happy New Year"


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