Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lizzie ate her first cereal!!!

I cannot believe Lizzie is already four months old. It seems like just yesterday I was giving birth to her. Where does the time go. Her bottles don't seem to be filling her up anymore, so we decided to start her on rice cereal. She did great! In fact, I think she took to it better then any of the kids. From the first bite, she knew exactly how to eat it. All my other kids had a hard time getting the spoon feeding down. She was perfect!!! Here is a little video of her first feeding. Please excuse the background noise. My boys are soooo noisy.

Declans grades have arrived!!!

I finally received Declans grades in the mail this week. It came in a packet with his report card, two religious collecting cards, his work, and some comments from the grader. I did however, forget to have him do the back of the Religion test, so they did not include his Religion grade on the report card. I had to have him fill out the rest of the test and scan it back to the school for grading. I should be getting his updated report card soon. Here are his grades!!! He needs a little work with Science and History, but otherwise he did AWSOME!!! We are so proud of him!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I don't know about any of the other parents on my blog list, but we don't really allow our children to watch much TV. In fact, the only thing we do let them watch is the Goodnight Show on Sprout. (295 on DirectTV). There are just too many inappropriate cartoons (Japanese animation, etc.) on TV anymore. Not to mention nothing educational. We don't even really let them watch Sesame Street anymore. (Sean doesn't like the direction they have taken the show) Don't get me wrong, we let them watch any and all Red Sox, Celtics, and Patriots games. There are a few shows Sean watched as a kid that we allow, like Doctor Who, Transformers, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones, but only as a treat. Calls us strick and over protective, but at least we know where are children are and what they're watching. Its one small step for them becoming responsible adults. Here is a little video from the Goodnight Show.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Its officially been a week with Wookie Dog in our family. He is finally statring to realize we aren't out to kill He has even started to show his true colors. Here is a rundown of our crazy week with him..
For the first two days, he wouldn't eat or drink anything. I called the pet shop to see if there was something wrong with him. The broken-English man on the phone said he was fine and that I just needed to give him a little time to adjust to his new home. Update, he is now eating his food, but for some reason, he will only eat his dinner feeding.

Potty training...As I said before, he is 5 months and not potty trained. I have never successfully potty trained a dog (or Liam and Fionn, for that matter) so I had no idea what I was doing. I did some online research and talked to Mom and Rene. They basically told me to take him out every hour and 10 to 15 minutes after he eats or drinks. Well, the first day we had no accidents. So I thought this would be a peice of cake....HAHAHA!!! The next day, he peed on my living room floor once and my classroom floor once as well. He's had an accident in my classroom everyday except today. Its a bit frustraiting. I'm afraid he will end up like Remy and never be trained. (Remy was our rat dog we inherrited back in Vegas, and had to give away because he wouldn't potty train.) I know its only been a week. He really isn't doing that badly. I just don't have unlimited time.

Habits- Wookie loves to dig holes in the backyard. Here is a little video of him. Sorry its sideways. He is such a weird little dog.

Last, we introduced Wookie to PT. Now there's a laugh. Wookie was not the least bit scared of PT, however PT was having no part of Wookie. He hissed and batted his paws at Wookie, but did that stop him.....nope!!! Here is another video of those two.

Update: Wookie just peed on the rug in my kitchen twice.....sigh.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Early Valentines's Day Suprise!!!

For those of you that know me, know I have always hated Valentine's Day. I was married on Valentine's Day to an awful man over 10 years ago. The marriage only lasted a year, and it couldn't have ended sooner!!

Well, I think this year I am finally over that horrible situation. I was actually looking forward to this Valentine's Day. This is the first year the kids have gotten involved with the holiday and they have LOVED it. Tomorrow, Sean has to work for 2 hours (to cover breaks) but while he is gone, I am going to bake his favorite cookie!! They are perfect for Valentine's Day. I will be introducing to kids to Red Hots and Conversation Hearts as well!!!!

Ok, now for the Valentine's Day suprise.......DRUM ROLL.......

He is a Shih-Poo (Shitzu-Poodle) and is 5 months old. Long story short, Sean went to get the vans 60,000 mile maintaince done. He had 3 hours to kill with NO car. He took it to Sears, which happened to be attached to an outdoor mall. So he visited a few stores and one was a pet shop. There was Wookie, in the front window, looking very sad and on sale for $99. Sean said he looked just like the dog her had as a child. (Maxie was his name) I guess he got a little choked up and caved in. He bought the dog and brought him home to our crazy family. This video is Declan and Cians reaction to the dog. I will post some better pictures when I can get them. (My camera is too slow for his quick little body)

Well, not too much else has happened with us, so on that note, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL MY BLOGGER FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Homemade Valentines Cards

Today we had Art on Monday instead of Friday. The boys asked if they could made Valentine's Day cards for Grandma. (My Mother) I searched all over the internet, (and even gave my computer a Trojan Clicker virus in the process) trying to find ideas for the boys to make their cards. The little card is Declans. I can't remember where I found the pattern, but it came out cute. The tall card is Cians. We just threw together some heart cut outs and I made the letters for him. I let them both glue the pieces to their cards. I think they turned out pretty cute and I know Mom will love them. She actually still has all the homemade cards and gifts I made her as a child. Nothing says "I love you" like a homemade card from a child!!

While I was working on Cians letters, Declan got into the art supplies and made this little guy. His name is Fuzz-Line. (Fuzzy hair and a stick for a neck) He asked me to take a picture of it to send to Dad. There it sits, on my classroom floor.

Last, I snapped this photo of Lizzie sleeping. She looked so peaceful and sweet. She's 19 or 20 weeks. (Too many kids to remember)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A few new changes....

We made a few rather expensive changes to the house this week. As I had said in a past post, we were going to buy a new dining room set. Well, here it is! It arrived on Thursday morning, and after school was finished, I got the pain in the ass  pleasurous job of putting the entire set together myself. (Sean is not very handy when it comes to putting things together.) Four hours and two very sore hands later, this is the finished product.

We needed something that would accommodate all five kids and us as well, (Lizzie, obviously is too little to sit at the table yet.) but wouldn't cost us a fortune. Declan, Cian, and Fionn can all sit nicely on the bench. Liam, Mary, Sean and I all sit in the chairs. Not bad for $500. My only worry is that they will distroy the wood. It is solid oak but has a shiny finish that is just waiting to be distroyed by my little monsters. I am trying to find a table cloth and cushion set, but so far I have not found anything I like. (We have a country kitchen theme.) If anyone has any online store suggestions, please send them my way!!

Yesterday, Sean went out to buy groceries. This is what he came home with. I don't know about you, but I don't see any bread or milk here. He decided to take a detour to Best Buy. Its a 55 inch 1080p LCD Insignia. (Made by Samsung) The TV in our bedroom was starting to go out. I suggested we get a small 32 inch for the room. Instead, like any man, thinking only with "size" in mind, he goes and buys this monstrous lovely TV and moved our 42" LCD into our room. When I asked him how much it was, he quickly changed the subject.....sigh. So, here are two new things for the house. Little by little we will have everything we want. Next on the list is a sectional and wicker patio furniture.

The Many Faces of Mary

I have come to the conclusion that I have an obsession with my daughter Mary. I just uploaded 430 pictures off my MyTouch onto the laptop. Approximately 310 of them were of Mary! LOL, I just can't help it. She is sooooo cute and has so many sweet, silly, crabby, and moody faces. I think I captured ALL of them in this last photo shoot. So I decided to dedicate this post to MARY!!!

Mary and Daddy

Getting into trouble

Mary and PT

Pretending to pick her nose.

The shy look!

Always has something to say.


See food!

Pink barette

My silly girl.



Just being Mary.

It seems like only yesterday she was this tiny. Its kinda sad that she's growing and changing so much. One day she will be all grown up with a husband and family of her own, all all I will have to remember these days were a few pictures and videos. Sigh........

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Beautiful Girls!!!

This is a short video I took yesterday of Mary and Lizzie. They are so cute together. Lizzie is now 18 weeks old, (I think) and Mary is 1. ENJOY!!!