Tuesday, January 18, 2011

17 weeks and counting

Here's a 17 week belly shot. It seems the more children you have, the sooner your belly starts to show....lucky me. I am now able to feel the little bumps he makes when I'm trying to go to sleep. Sean still can't feel it, but he will in a few weeks. I Went to the doctor Monday. Everything is great. His heart rate was 150. Good strong heartbeat. My doctor also said all my blood work came back and I have no anemia problems so far. One weird thing I noticed about this Dr office, they don't offer prenatal vitamins. In fact, they have never once mentioned them. Not sure if I should ask or not, but Sean bought me over the counter prenatal and dha vitamins, so I've got it covered.

The doctor also thought it was funny that I was calling the baby a "him". I said, well that's what I was told it was. He asked, where did you hear that. I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face and answered, from the ultrasound. He said, you had a 14 week ultrasound, the sex can't be definite until around 20 weeks. Well, maybe so, but I saw his "package" from two different angles, and there was definitely something hanging between his legs, and it wasn't the cord....LOL. I have a picture to prove it!!

On a not so nice note, we had an incident with Declan and our next door neighborhood the other day. The boys were out back playing when the lady and her partner were out in their yard as well. Cian and Fionn kept talking to her. Of course Declan comes running in to tell us she was talking to them. Sean told the boys not to talk to strangers, but they continued to talk to her. Well, Declan decided to take matters into his own hands and threw a handful of dirt over the wall and it hit her. Fionn comes running in to tells us what he did, so of course Sean runs right out there to see what was going on. Sure enough, it was true. Sean apologized up and down to the women and made Declan do the same. He wouldn't give us an answer as to why he did it, but we knew. So he is grounded for two weeks from all family activities. Sean feels very strongly that we need to nip this sort of behavior in the bud before it gets worse, so this was the harshest punishment he has ever received.

I can't believe he did something like that. As much as we pound human respect and kindness into their brains, its just shocking and disappointing to me and Sean. That's the kind of behavior that will land him in jail as an adult. It scares me to think he could choose to go down that path. I may be overreacting a bit, but he's my son and I only want what's best for him. I expect him to treat others as he would want to be treated....sigh.
On a happier note, Lizzie is officially walking, EVERYWHERE, on her own. Its like something just snapped in her little brain the other day. Its kind of sad, since she's now a full fledged toddler. She not the baby anymore. She is really cute though.

Well, thank you all for the wonderful comments! Hope you are having a great week!
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