Monday, February 21, 2011

A Buzz of a Problem....

So, as I was in the middle of class this morning, Declan noticed two bees on the slider. I quickly sprayed them with bug spray and continued with class. A few minutes later, two more bees started flying around the classroom. Ok, this isn't good. I went out back to look around, on the side of the house, right above the classroom door, I could see a few dozen bees swarming around. LOVELY, I called our pest control guy. His dad called back and said they didn't deal with bees, but gave me two companies to call. He said it would be pretty pricey, so call them both. So, I sent Sean a text to see what to do. He said call them both and get estimates. Its going to cost between $155-225. The guy should be here within an hour.

I just looked out my kitchen window to see all the bees, and they were gone....Ok, that's weird, so I went out to investigate. There was one or two still flying around the roof, then I saw it, a square opening in the roof just above the classroom door. The bees were flying into that. WONDERFUL!!! I guess these bees are called scappies. (I know I spelled that wrong, but u get the idea) They seek out a destination to bring the entire hive, which consists of thousands. They stick around for about 72 hours. If they like the area, they come back. If not, they move on. Since I am allergic to bees, I'm not taking any chances. Lets just hope these guys can fix the issue quickly.

Update: The guy came and treated the hole where the bees were and stuffed it with insulation. We have to keep an eye on it for the next 72 hours. If we see any more bees or a swarm of thousands in the area, we have to call ASAP. Here's a picture of what he did.

Enough of the bee talk. Here are a couple of photos of Elizabeth that I touched up with Picnik. Its a software offered by Picasa. Not sure if I like it yet. I am not a professional photographer like my Grandfather was, but I definately have it in my Let me know what you think. (Especially you Michelle...heehee)


  1. Okay, so you HAVE caught the bug ;) Editing is fun isn't it!?

    Keep playing around with your program and I'm sure you'll be able to decide if you really like it and if you want something more. My program (Photoshop Elements) isn't too expensive and you can even download a free trial version.

    Have fun!!!

  2. Hi, Arley! Following you from MBC Blog Hop... you have a BEAUTIFUL family!! ;o)


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