Friday, February 25, 2011

Enforcing Organization

After careful thought and discussion with Sean, it was clear that we needed to establish some new rules and organization in our household. With homeschooling and managing  a family of 8, (and another new addition coming in late June) I really need some help around here. We discussed hiring a maid service, but I need someone pretty much daily. That's not something we can afford right now. My two older boys have chores that we assign to them, but have never really enforced them. Taking a long look at my daily to do list....lets face it, I need to establish some order and assign chores, and hold them accountable. An example: Declan, our 8 year old is in charge of clearing and cleaning the table and sweeping after every meal. He is also in charge of feeding the dog. He does pretty well with the cleaning, but I have to remind him to feed Wookie after dinner. Well, apparently he hadn't fed the poor dog for the last two days and he began eating all the cats food. The poor pooch was starving. Sean was pretty livid, which was part of the motivation to enforce the chores.
One of the advantages to blogging are all the great mom blogs out there. Lets face it, we're all just looking for a little support and advice. One of my favorite sites, had a really great idea for a chore chart. We needed something that was simple, customizable and had a daily/weekly checklist. She made a PDF version for both boys and girls that were also age appropriate. I spent hours looking online for the perfect chart, when this one was right under my nose.
Declan and Cian are the only two really old enough to do chores. I can handle the bathrooms, laundry, dishes, and vacuuming. What I really need help with is the dining room, classroom, backyard and living room. That's where the boys come in. Daily chores for Declan consist of clearing and sweeping the dining room after meals and feeding the dog. Cian picks up all the toys and trash in the living room before bed. Weekly chores for Declan, cleaning up all the dog poop on M-W-F along with cleaning his and the baby girls room with Cian after school on Fridays. Saturdays the classroom needs to be cleaned. The chore chart is organized by chore per day and a box for them to initial after they complete each chore. At the bottom of each day and week, is a box for me to initial as well.  Its not much and simple enough for both of them to handle together. As a reward on Sunday, after I have signed off that all chores were completed, Sean will give them each $2 for something they really want. Its teaching them to save as well. We just started this today, so I'll post an update in a few week.
Another problem we've been dealing with is Declan sneaking cookies, cakes and candy early in the morning. He has been punished for this in the past and it hasn't seemed to make a difference. We caught him sneaking conversation hearts a few days ago. (Actually he would have gotten away with it, but Cian ratted him out at Since punishing him doesn't seem to work, Sean came up with the idea to set out a snack basket. Each morning, the basket will contain one fruit item and a breakfast bar of some sort. There are 5 of each, for each of the older children. The idea is to hold them off until breakfast, since I refuse to get up before the sun does. We are also hoping this will discourage Declan from sneaking unhealthy junk. He's getting older now and needs to be able to make a few decisions for himself. We've given him the option to keep his hair longer, even if it makes him look like a Chia, now he has the option to choose a healthy snack or nothing until breakfast. Again, this is something we're just starting today, so I'll give an update in a few weeks.


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