Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mission: New Couch...IMPOSSIBLE!!!

After four years with the ugly "green monster" (aka- our couch), the kids and Dee-du the Cat managed to rip the stuffing out of the seats. So, my very cheap husband finally gave into the notion that we need a new couch! Ya!!!!!! Thanks to our wonderful Uncle Sam, we will be spending our tax refund on new beds for the boys and a couch.

Sean and I both agreed we didn't want an ugly earth toned couch. Something bright and colorful, like red or navy blue. We wanted a sectional, since we have a lot of butts that need to sit, lol. We also wanted one that included a recliner!! Oh, and a pull-out bed would be nice too, for when my Mom comes to visit. Lastly, it had to be comfy. None of the trendy Ikea, hard-as-a-rock crap. This was going to be easy, or so we thought. Sean started shopping online, to get an idea of what was available in the price range we were willing to spend. Suddenly, this didn't look so easy. All the sectionals we were looking for were over $1000. Sean was looking for something more along the line of UNDER $1000....sigh. Another obstacle we ran into, EVERYTHING IS EARTH TONED!!!! YUCK!!! HOW UGLY!!!! If I wanted my living room to look like something out of Leave it to Beaver, then I would have painted the whole room gray. That's the problem with people today, they don't have enough color in their lives!!!LOL. The photo is an example of what I'm looking for.

We tried looking on an old stand-by, Amazon. No luck there either. There aren't any discount furniture stores near our home, so now we're stumped. Here we have all this money to spend, and can't find anything to spend it on. So I guess we'll just keep looking.

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