Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Living Room Make Over Complete!

It's official, we finally finished the living room! The oil paintings came on Monday and we hung them last night. What a difference a little color will make. The living room looks so much brighter. I would still like to get this cute mirror set to go on either side of the O'Keefe painting in the background (next to the tree), but we've spent enough money for
Our next project, the kitchen. We decided to go with vintage tin Coke signs across the top of the windows and doorways. Sean really likes that look and it will really brighten up the room. I'd like to find some curtains, but I have yet to find anything I'd like, any suggestions??

I have been so sick for the last week or so, (now all the kids have the cold as well) but I did manage to put together three new beds in the boys room. Solid cherry wood, each weighing around 200lbs. Sean could barely get them into the house. It took me two days to put them together, but finally finished. My boys can destroy anything in a matter of minutes, so Sean threatened certain death on all of them if anything happens to the beds or mattresses. (The last set they ripped apart to the point of springs sticking out in all directions) I will update with pictures when they clean they're


  1. I LOVE the artwork! The colors are beautiful and vibrant!

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