Wednesday, March 2, 2011

St Patrick's Day Crafts for the Kiddies'

As part of my St. Patrick's Day theme, here are a couple art projects the boys and I will be working on in school. This first project is the Tissue Paper Shamrock that I found at Crafts by Amanda. (It's one of my favorite crafting blogs.) I actually remember doing a similar craft in elementary school and remembered how much fun I had doing it. It's very simple, all you need are:
1. Green construction paper
2. Green tissue squares (I get mine at Discount School Supply)
3. White glue
4. Scissors
5. Pencil
6. Poster board
7. Hole punch (optional)
8. Yarn or string (optional)
9. Shamrock pattern

For a cost effective project, Ebay has a really cute simular craft kit for only $1.50 + shipping. (She only has 7 left)

Here's another fun St. Pattie's Day project. This little leprechaun face is so cute and easy for the little ones to help with. All you need are:

Green, black, orange, white and yellow construction paper

Googly eyes
Leprechaun template

How to make your Paper Leprechaun Craft

Print our template and cut out the pieces. Trace them onto the specified colors of construction paper. The face and the nose should be copied onto white paper and then colored peach (unless you can find peach construction paper!). If you want something even simpler, just have your children color the pieces. Cut out your leprechaun pieces.

Glue the beard onto the round face piece.
Glue the yellow band onto the green hat. Then glue the black buckle onto the yellow band.
Glue the shamrock onto the hat.
Glue the hat onto the leprechaun's head.
Glue two eyes and the nose onto the leprechaun.
Use a red crayon to draw on a smile.

Hope these make there way into your arts and crafts time with the kiddies. I look forward to making them with my kids!!


  1. I love the crafts. The link for the Leprechaun doesn't work. Only a shamrock template comes up.

    Is there a way you can send it to me?


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  3. Could you please tell me where your link is for the leprechaun? I couldn't find it and my first graders would LOVE this! Thanks.

    First Grade and Fabulous


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