Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Pictures, Mother's Day Illness, and The Neighbors from Hell....

Well, I had written an entire entry with pictures and all, but somehow all but the first line was missing. As if I have time or the memory to rewrite my entire post....sigh. So I will do my best to rewrite it.

Sometime around Easter, Sean caught a nasty cold. It hit him like a tun of bricks. Sore throat, cough, congestion and a double ear infection. He is still not completely over it. Still has a cough. Well, I came down with it on Mother's Day. Lucky me, and let me tell you, this is the WORST cold I have ever had. My throat feels like I'm swallowing razor blades. I can't stop coughing day or night, which is really bad when your 8 months pregnant with your 7th child. (The bladder isn't what it use to be) My rib cage is killing me and to top it off, I now have mucus coming out of my eyes. (I guess that's common with a really bad cold) Little by little, the kids are coming down with it as well. First Declan caught it, though he just has a sore throat and a slight cough. He was down the first day, but has bounced back nicely. Then Fionn caught it. He was down for an entire day with a fever as well, he's still not himself. Falls asleep on the couch during school a lot. Cian was next to catch it. He was actually vomiting and had a fever the first evening he caught it. So far neither of the girls have come down with it, but Liam has now come down with it today. I can tell he isn't feeling well because he hasn't caused trouble at all during school today. He also has a fever. This cold lingers on, and I have always had a cough for months after a catch a cold, so I am worried I will still be ill when Sammy is born. I'm so afraid of giving it to him. I have less than 6 weeks to go in this pregnancy, I'm sure I will still be coughing by then. Time will tell I guess.

Sean was at work when he came down with the double ear infection. He was dealing with a customer when his left ear went numb. He couldn't hear out of it at all. His right ear did the same thing a few minutes later and then he couldn't hear at all. He left work to go across the street to a CVS to the Minute Clinic. She checked his throat and said it was really irrigated. Sure enough both ears were infected. She gave him an antibiotic for his ears, then took his blood pressure. She actually took it twice because she couldn't believe how high it was for his age. 144 over 100. She asked him what he did for a living, he told her and she asked if he thought that was a stressful job. He said not really, but she said she was reading a book before he came in. He's never been able to sit and eat his lunch in peace at work, let alone read a book, so I guess that means its a high stress job. She recommended he see a doctor ASAP. Of course he doesn't have time for that right now, so he did some research on his own. He found that consuming more than 3 alcoholic beverages per day causes high blood pressure. He usually has 4 beers after work every night. Since he was on medication, he couldn't drink. It was the perfect opportunity to test his theory. He hasn't had a beer in over a week. He went to CVS   this afternoon before a meeting to test in BP. 129 or 80...much better. He's even lost about 10 lbs in the last two weeks as well. We all know how many calories beer Lets just hope it stays down!

In my last post, I mentioned our neighbors from hell. The trashy low lives that had some sort of boarding house environment going on. Well, I am happy to announce that on May 5th, THEY MOVED OUT!!!!! That's right, They pulled up in a huge moving truck and packed all their s*** up and left that evening. Of course they left the place in shambles. The whole house is trashed. They even managed to rip apart the door frames. I'm talking shredded wood. They even left all the doors open too, front and back. Sean in convinced they skipped out on the landlord, since he hasn't shown up yet. We are just so thrilled they're gone!!!

Last but not least, here are a few pictures from Easter and over the past few months of the kids! Enjoy

                                                         Fionny finds some eggs!

                                                       Liam finds and egg!

                                                          Mary found the most eggs!

                                                            Lizzie found a chocolate bunny!

                                                          Mary and her Easter bunny!

                                                             The girls sharing candy!

                                                Declan found the prize silver egg!

                                                    Fionny resting after much candy and egg fun!

                                             Fionny & Cian making homemade pizzas!

                                                  Mommy & Mary making a pizza!

                                                                Three kids in a box!

                                                      All lined up to dye Easter eggs!

                                                                   Lizzie in a box!

                                                                Fionny and the Lego's!

                                                  Declans much needed first trip to a barber!

                                                          Finally, Dee-Da and the rose!


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