Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crazy, Busy, Car Shopping, School, and Baby Preparing

It seems like I never have the time to blog anymore. These last three weeks have been crazy and stressful. I'll start from the beginning.

OK, so its well known that I hated my last OB/GYN office. So much that I stopped going to my appointments....for about three months. I was completely against going to another Dr because of my horrible experience. So, 34 weeks rolls around and Sean is screaming at me to find a new DR. I was so upset and dreading a new experience that I kept putting it off still. Finally he convinced me to find one because he would not be able to go on FMLA without a DR signature. So I had no choice. All the OB/GYNs around here all work for the same horrible office, so I had a terrible time finding a new one. I also had to consider the commute, Liam and Lizzie both get horrible car sickness. I finally found a small office about ten minutes away with only one doctor. He turned out to be quite nice. The only problem, he has a wedding to go to on the 22nd of this month, for a week. My due date is the 25th. No problem!!!! I asked to be induced a week earlier and he was all for it! That kills two birds with one stone. I needed a set date to give to my Mother (She will once again be the lion tamer during my delivery...what would I ever do without her!!!) for her time off. She can only stay for a week and a half, so this was perfect. I am being induced some time on the 18th. I was suppose to have an appointment today, but Sean couldn't get out of work and we no longer have a registered vehicle to transport all of us....(I'll get to that mess next) So I had to reschedule for next Thursday, which they weren't happy about. Mom comes in at 10pm a week from today, so that was the only time I could go. I did have an ultrasound done last week. It was pretty cool to see a fully formed baby. Also, we changed his name AGAIN....its now Samuel Kennedy. That has Sean written all over it, not me.

On to the van dilemma. So the time has come to register the van for another two years. The tags expire the end of May, and of course Sean puts it off until the last minute. He went to get it smog tested and they wouldn't even look at it because the engine light was on. So he took it to Sears to see what the problem was. We have a 2004 Venture that has 4 oxygen sensors. Apparently one of them was out. Sears said it would be an easy fix and not too expensive. They sent him to a full body repair shop. After looking at the van for 5 minutes, they said they needed to test all four sensors because there was no way of knowing which one or how many were out. They were also in a tight area that requires things be removed. Very labor intensive, or so we were told. They said it could be a couple hundred or a couple thousand. He also said he had no problem fixing the parts, but couldn't guarantee that the van would pass a smog test ever again. We live in a state that once you encounter engine problems, its very hard to pass emissions. So, we have two options, 1. Pray that the van is a cheap fix and will pass the smog test. 2. Buy a new van. In the meantime, the tags were expiring in three days. Sean needed something to get him two and from work. So he spent the next three days going from dealership to dealership. He was about to purchase a 2011 Ford when something told him to sleep on it. He was right. They were trying to rip him off by about $2000, so he walked away from the deal. Instead he went to a Toyota dealership and was sold on a 2011 Corolla S in about 30 minutes. Its fully loaded with alarm, XM radio, power seats, and Blu-tooth. The best part, its in Barcelona Red, a rare color they stopped making. Its beautiful and gets about 40 miles to the gallon. Sean loves it! Whats even better, Sean may be promoted to a new position within the company within a month that requires him to travel 100 miles per day. The car is perfect for that. I know it doesn't solve the van issue, but it does buy us some time and money to save.

I have been so busy trying to get Declan finished with second grade before I have Sam. I am happy to announce, mission accomplished! He finished his last final Friday and we are just waiting on Setons to send his final grades and promote him to second grade! This week he is doing the CAT test, so we can see where he stands with other prompting 2nd graders. He also finished his first novel, Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing. It took him about a month to read and he loved every second of it. He can't wait to read Super Fudge. Cian, on the other hand, just started his 4th term of Phonics, so I will be working with him throughout the summer. No rest for the weary...sigh.

This will most likely be my last post before Sammy is born, so wish us luck!!! Hope you are all doing well!!

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  1. Okay....SOOO glad you found a doctor! You crazy girl! ;) Samuel Kennedy, I really like it! Congrats to Declan on reading his book, I totally remember reading both Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing and Superfudge! Best of luck girl and can't wait to hear of Sam's birth!


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