Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back to the Grind

Well, the vacation is over. Sean went back to work this week. We were all sad to see him go. The kids became spoiled with him home, so they were pretty bummed this week. Sean was less than enthused to return himself. There have been a lot of changes and not for the better. People are quitting left and right, with all the uncertainty of the company. The rumor is the merger will be happening sooner, rather than later. Even Sean has started looking elsewhere for work. He's pretty upset. This company has been so good to us these past, almost three years. He knows he will still have a place with the company, but will it be worth it....The uncertainty has taken a toll on him. He's back to not sleeping and stressed. I just wish it would all end. I hate to see him this way. Positive thoughts!!!

I have been pretty sick these past three weeks. We're not sure what is wrong with me. Without going into the gory details, my symptoms look to be either a bacterial infection or colitis. I have an appointment with a gastroenterologist next week. I can't eat anything dairy, sugary, caffeinated, or spicy. In other words, I can eat bread and water. Which is what I've been living off of for the past week. I have lost almost 15 lbs in three weeks. Its pretty scary. We think I ate bad watermelon. Sean had bought the watermelon to make margaritas, but they tasted funny. I ate a few bites of the watermelon, which tasted funny as well. (Yet I still ate it.0 Late that night, Sean woke up sick, making several trips to the bathroom. That lasted 2 or 3 days for him. I had the same problem, only mine never went away, it got worse. I am scared I have colitis, but Sean says it doesn't make sense. Why would I, all the sudden, contract a chronic illness out of nowhere. I see his point, but I more symptoms of that than I do an infection. I just have to wait it out another week and see what the Dr says.

On a more pleasant note, Sam turned 6 weeks today. He has gotten so big and is becoming more and more alert everyday. He loves the dogs, they lick him and lay with him and he really reacts to it. He tries to make sounds, but it just ends up sounding like He's eating 5.5oz now and is sleeping 5 to 7 hours per night. Not too shabby! The girls just love him and are constantly trying to kiss and hug him. Mary loves to help feed him.  Lizzie has even developed a maternal instinct and carries a baby doll around, pretending to burp it. She sings to it as well. Very cute!

My mother had been nagging at me for years to let the kids finger paint. I've never let them because I remember the horror show I made as a child with finger painting. For those who know me, know I can't stand cleaning up huge messes. I like my home to be paint-free. I know, I'm such a bad mom. Well, Sean decided to go out and buy them finger paint. "I'll clean it up" he says. Famous last words, so I was out numbered. Here are the results of the painting day....

And by the way.....I CLEANED UP THE MESS!!!

Last, I'll leave with a few more pictures of Sammy and Bear!

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