Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sleeping Booty......

Ok, so maybe this isn't the most flattering photo of Mary, but you have to admit, its pretty funny. She was outside playing in the sprinkler with the boys and started to get a bit moody, so Sean brought her in for a nap. Of course she wasn't happy and threw herself on the couch, in this position.....and then fell asleep minutes later. I couldn't resist, she just looked so cute with her butt hanging off the couch and the pillow covering her head, as to hide from Daddy. She actually slept like that for about an hour. Wish I could sleep any place, in any position. I'd be thankful to get an hour of sleep period.

With Sean home until July 26th, the kids have had some great quality time with him. Mary has become quite attached to him. Everyday, she asks him "Will you stay with me?" and "Are you my Daddy?" She has asked him that second question 16 times today. We're not sure why she keeps asking it, but it started when Mom was here. Maybe she's insecure? I hate to see how she's going to react when he has to return to work.

With two weeks left in his vacation, we have to come up with a routine for me. Like it or not, I still have to finish school with Cian and find a new curriculum for him for 1st grade. Setons is great for Declan and Fionn, but too advanced for Cian. We also have to decide what to do with Liam. Sean is taking him to our pediatrician this week to see what she suggests. Its obvious he will need special schooling, but no school will take him until he is potty trained. I am at my ends wit with trying to train him. He just refuses to learn. With 7 children now, its even harder to find the one on one time he needs. Maybe a little advice from another professional will lead us in the right direction with him.

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