Friday, August 26, 2011

Time4Learning Trial- Week 1

As I mentioned in a past post, I was selected to try a free 30 day trial with Time4Learning. I am trying it with Cian, my 6 year old, who should be starting first grade this year. Cian is a bit of a slow learner and doesn't do well with straight up book work. We used Setons Catholic Home School for kindergarten last year, but don't feel he's quite ready for their 1st grade curriculum. I'm hoping Time4Learning will be a little easier and more entertaining for him. I have enrolled him in the 1st grade lessons for just $19.95 per month.

Week 1- Let me start by saying, Time4Learning is completely web based, you don't have to wait for the mail to send you any materials, which is a huge plus for a big homeschooling family. It is not an accredited school, so make sure to check with your states laws for homeschooling before you purchase their curriculum.
Both you and your child have a log in page. The parent login page has account information, parent resources which include detailed lesson plans and parent forums.
The student login page takes you directly to the daily lessons, with a little welcome from Ed the Mouse. (Since my son is in 1st grade I'll only be testing/reviewing this grade.)
1st grade has 4 subjects- Math, Language Arts, LA Extensions and Science. We started with Language Arts. First of all, Language Arts is more like Phonics, so I'll be referring to it as such. There are 13 chapters for Phonics. Starting with chapter 1, Consonants and short vowels. Inside each chapter are mini chapters. The first one, sights and sounds of m, r, h, s, d, t and a. Inside that file are the daily lessons. There are 4 to complete here. Each one is an interactive game. The characters are cute and hold Cians attention well. Once you finish a mini chapter, a check appears and your done with that lesson for the day. Parents can log in to their section and see their childs progress for that lesson. The lessons are timed as well, which the parent controls. There is a "Playground" mode that the child can play with, but only after a timed lesson is completed.

So far, I'm pretty impressed with this curriculum. I will be back in a few days to review Math.

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