Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Saying Good-bye and Pinterest

Sean had his last day as an RSM with his company on Saturday. The "team" bought him an ice cream cake and this cute little card. They all signed it and had nothing but nice things to say about working with him for the past 2 years. They were all pretty sad to see him go. (All except one girl, who was a total b**** to him the entire day.) He felt bad because he thought he should have felt some sort of emotion. He had grown close with two or three of the team members and spent most of his life in that store for the past two years. He just couldn't understand why he felt NOTHING about leaving. I'm not sure why he's so worried about it. In the end it's just a job. They wouldn't think twice about him leaving the company, so why should he. He moved on to bigger and better things. He should be happy about that. I don't know, I have never really had a "real job" so I guess I just don't understand. Anyhow, his former boss wanted him to come to one last meeting this morning and have cake and say good-bye to the other RSMs' in the district. Sean didn't really like any of them, and I'm sure the feeling was mutual. Still, his boss asked him 3 or 4 times to come in, and Sean really liked the guy, so he agreed. Besides, he wanted to show them all up in one last team Leave it to Sean to piss everyone off one last time. (He ALWAYS has to win). So, he left for his meeting at 8:15am. He was scheduled to start his new position at 11am. He will be working Tues-Sat, 9-5. Tuesdays are office days, meetings and paperwork. He has a little cubical, an issued notebook and Blackberry to work with as well. Oh, and did I mention they pay for his car too? Since the majority of the job will be driving, they pay 55 cents per mile. On average he will be driving 75-100 miles per day, 4 days per week. Doing the math, that's somewhere between $700-$800 per month, which more than pays for his car and gas! He has been assigned to about 40 stores. Walmart and Costco are his clients. (They gave him two of the companies biggest accounts!!) Since he had been wearing a uniform for the past 3 years, he had to go out and buy an entire wardrobe. He had to do it this past weekend, because they wanted him to start TODAY. We weren't expecting to have to drop $400 on clothes, so it has made us a little tight on money this month. He did get a big raise, so we should be fine in two weeks! All worth it if he enjoys the new job!

Thanks to my fabulous friend Michelle, I have found my newest hobby! It's called Pinterest and its totally addictive. The best way to describe's kinda like a virtual bulletin board with all the things you like, in one place. There are thousands of people on the site (Kinda like a mature Facebook) collecting photos of things they love, ideas for their home, office, schools, cars, recipes, you name it. Anytime you're on a website and see something you like, you can just pin it to a board and share it with others. It directs you straight to the site it was pinned from, so others can see how it was made or shown. It's so much fun and I've gotten so many great ideas for baking, decorating and photography. You have to be invited to join the site, but its easy to do and only takes about a day to receive your membership. Here are a few things I really like...

Hanging flowers in a jar, from Country Style Magazine in AU. 

Yarn and Balloon hanging ornaments. Great for birthday parties, Christmas ornaments and so much more. Really simple to make.

Missing sock collection, a cute idea for storing all those annoying missing socks.

Lastly, here's a few pictures. Have a great day!

Dee-duh and her kittens, one week old!


Sam-10 weeks old

Minnie Sean!!! Horrifying isn't

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out Arley ;)
    Love, Love Pinterest too! Congrats to Sean for the new job and hopefully this one is wonderful for the entire family!


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