Thursday, October 27, 2011

Returning to School and Birthday Fun!

Wow, I can't believe 5 weeks have come and gone!
 We have been super busy with school and birthdays. Declan started 3rd grade and Cian K-1 on September 27th. Declan has a new class this year, vocabulary. They make the lessons fun, so its become one of his favorite classes. He is off to a great start!

Cian is repeating Kindergarten with Setons and doing 1st grade with Time4Learning. We went back and forth on whether to put him in Setons 1st grade curriculum or hold him back. It was clear he wasn't ready for their advanced 1st grade schedule, so we decided to repeat Kindergarten. I incorporated Time4Learning into his lessons and he loves it. Not only is he learning to read, but also learning to use a computer and tablet.

Declan is working on memorizing times tables in Math and is being introduced to pre-algebra. I don't remember starting it in third grade, but he sure is. Its pretty basic, like x+1=3 solve for x. He gets a kick out of it. I just hope it doesn't get too advanced too soon, because I suck at I couldn't pass algebra 1. Thank goodness Sean is a math whiz.

We have had three birthdays this past month, Liam, Declan and Lizzie. Liam turned 6 on 9/7 Declan turned 9 on 10/21 and Lizzie turned 2 on 10/13. For the life of me, I can't remember the details from Liams party.....I'm sitting here racking my brain, and I can't remember The pictures are on Seans phone and he's at work, so that doesn't help me out much. I'll have to post them at a later date.

Lizzie had a lovely birthday. She got a new Barbie and pink car, a toy pink microwave, which all the kids LOVED, a Tinkerbell doll with wings that flutter, a new baby doll and stroller. Her favorite toy is the stroller and baby, of course. Sean and the boys went to Costco to pick up her huge princess cake. It was enough to feed 45 people...we have a big family, but that was a bit She had a great day. I can't believe my baby girl is two. Only one baby left.....sigh.

Declan turned 9 this year. Wow, where has the time gone. I remember when he was born very well. Between walking the halls and Courtney, Sean's sister dropping a tray of food on the floor in the cafeteria, (Sean still gets a good laugh out of that...but we still love it was a wild ride. In the end, we had this perfect baby boy. He was so sweet, now he's 9 and thinks he knows EVERYTHING!!! (You should have seen the temper tantrum he pulled last night. ROTFL!!) In the end, he's a great boy. Helpful, caring, a hard worker and wonderful big brother.

Sean got him his first skateboard, which he loves. A Rubik's cube, Prime Transformer, a puzzle and the show Android device. How many 9 year old kids do you know walking around with a $200 cell phone.....sigh. It doesn't have voice, but he does have unlimited Internet and text. Seans thought behind it was to teach him about technology and reading. I still don't think he should have it, but I was over ruled.

Besides birthdays and school, not a lot has happened. I did get a new free phone. I had the Samsung Galaxy, but Sean won a MyTouch from LG at a distributors convention yesterday. He was hoping for the new Samsung Galaxy S 2, but was the only guy in his group that got the new MyTouch. He was pretty pissed since the MyTouch is a step down from his Sensation. So he gave it to me. It's not too bad. It is 4G, which my phone is not, and has a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, a 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video capture, a front-facing camera for video calls via Qik, and Netflix support. The screen is 3.8 inches, touch of course. It will be out around Christmas time. (Mine is the one on the left)

The kittens are now 9 weeks old and the sweet black and white fluff ball went to his new home. My neighbor Carol, next door gave him a good home. She named him Figaro (or however you spell it) and bought him a jeweled collar. He eats off her good Shadow is staying with his Mama since he is still nursing. For some reason, she can't wean him off. He still can't eat solid food either, so I have been giving him Sams baby cereal, just don't tell Sean hates him because he chews Sams nipples off the bottles. He's had to buy three new sets in the last month. We are once again down to one. Shadow loves Sam and will lay with him any chance he gets. I took this cute picture of the two of them this morning.

Remember about 8 months ago when I mentioned the neighbors from hell moving out....the new owned fixed up the entire house and flipped it. Well, I met the new couple who were buying it about a month ago. A newlywed couple expecting their first child. Well, they moved in this past weekend. They have had workers working on the house as well. They have two yappie dogs as well, so this is going to be one noisy street. I'm just glad they aren't trashy.

Lastly, here are a few pictures over the last few weeks.....enjoy!

Sam, 4 months in his football jammies

A little tummy time and Patriots!!

Declan and his Optimus Prime

Lizzie eating her birthday cake

Bear and I in class.

Mr. Bear, Sticking out tongue 101.
Declan w/ his new skateboard.
Declan and his new smartphone.
Lizzie and her new baby.

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  1. Wow, you have been busy! I was wondering if you liked the Time4Learning. I'm so glad it seems to be working! Oh, and I think Sam is just the cutest baby ever! =)


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