Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011

I know I'm a few days late posting this, but Sean took Saturday off for extra family time. For some reason, I cannot post pictures from my tablet, so I had to write this post and then go back and post the pictures from the laptop. So, here was our Halloween....

Halloween was a little different for us his year. Since we still don't have a replacement for the van, we couldn't take the kids to the mall for trick or treating. Instead, Sean stayed home with Liam and Sam, and I took Declan, Cian, Fionn, Mary and Lizzie out. I'll get back to that adventure in a few minutes.

Sean spent most of the morning hunting down a pumpkin. For some reason, there was a shortage here this year and every Wal-Mart, Target, Costco and Vons was out of them. He did finally find one, though I'm not sure where. He cut open the top and let the kids go at it cleaning it out. Declan, Cian, Fionn, Mary and actually Liam were all set to get there hands dirty when Declan decided to push Fionn off the bench and he hit his chin on it. So, Declan got to sit on the floor while the others had fun cleaning out the pumpkin. He wasn't too happy. When they finished, Sean attempted to carve a scary face, but it turned out, not so (For some reason, we didn't take a picture of the final product.)

We put the little ones down for an early nap and let the older kids watch The Great Pumpkin before getting ready for Trick or Treating. They had pizza, which Declan complained about. I guess he was annoyed that we had had pizza the year before as well....sigh. (I hate to see what he will be like as a teenager.)

As I had mentioned earlier, I was taking the kids Trick-or-Treating because our van is not drivable. So, I got myself and the girls washed a ready while Sean got Declan, Cian and Fionn ready. This year, Mary wanted to be Snow White. Lizzie was Minnie Mouse. Declan and Cian were Mario...again, and Fionn was Superman. Since I was going out alone with five kids, we though it was best to leave Liam and Sam with Sean. (Sam was a doggy BTW) I had to cut Marys hair because it was in her eyes, so I decided to make it look like Snow Whites hair. I added a little lipstick and blush to her cheeks. She looked sooooo cute!!!!

Lizzie was so cute as Minnie Mouse. The ears the costume originally came with had a red bow, but Liam snapped them in half, so Sean had to order a new pair two days before Halloween. He refused to pay $15 for ears with a red bow, so he went the cheap route and bought the $5 pink bow ears. She looked silly, but I don't think anyone noticed except me.

Fionnys costume has a funny story. A couple years ago, he made up a silly super hero for himself named Super Wookie. (Named after our dog Wookie) Super Wookie was originally a "she" but was actually a boy. (Fionn was having gender confusion) Ever since, he has pretended to be his super hero alter ego. Well, this year he wanted to actually be Super Wookie for Halloween. Since we couldn't make an actual costume for Super Wookie, We told him the Super Man costume was actually Super He was happy.

Declan and Cian were Mario again this year since their costumes still fit them from last year. Sean was once again too cheap to buy new costumes for them. They didn't really mind. Its all about getting candy to them. I had Declan strap Lizzie into a stroller, which he pushed for me. Fionn and Mary were holding my hands and Cian was walking behind Declan. He was my biggest challenge. He tends to wonder off and not watch where he's going. I waited until 6:30pm to take them out. It wasn't quite dark yet. I kept looking up and down our street for kids or even people to have their doors open. The only other houses giving out candy were Carol and Mel next door and the family next to them. We literally had to walk to the next block before we saw any kids or houses handing out candy.
Once we did find houses giving out candy, kids came out of no where. There was one group of at least 20 kids. They looked to be between the ages of 5 and 12 and the language coming out of their mouths would put a sailor to shame. Declan kept trying to speed up to them, so I had to keep pulling him back. This was Lizzies first real Halloween and she was having a blast. Declan would roll her up to the door and taught her to say "Trick-or-Treat". He made sure she got a piece of candy in her pumpkin bucket. Every house we left, she would say "Bye-bye Daddy". I'm not sure why she thought every man was Somewhere along the way, Cian lost a shoe and didn't bother to tell me. He wasn't wearing socks for some reason either and it was chilly. I didn't notice until Fionn started complaining he had to pee. We were several streets away from our house so I had to pick up Mary and hurry them along. By time we reached our street, my back and feet were killing me and I had three fussy kids.

Sean had only three kids the entire time we were gone. He let Liam have a piece of candy and wait for the kids with him. He climbed up on the couch and fell asleep before a single trick-or-treater arrived. The poor dogs were locked outside and were not happy about it. Sean felt bad and let them into the classroom. He opened the window a crack so Bear could stick his nose in. He gave them treats and played with them. He had been watching the Ghost Hunters 6 hour live Halloween special we the kids and I got home. We got them out of their costumes, gave them each a piece of candy and put the four little ones to bed. Declan and Cian got to stay up and watch the rest of Ghost Hunters with us. We only had two other kids come to the door by 9pm. Not a great turn out this year, but this was the first time we've taken them door to door for candy, and despite Cians shoe mishap, it went over pretty well!

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