Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Crafts for the Kids

Since Thanksgiving is....OMG...two weeks away (where has this year gone), I thought I'd share a few cute crafts for the kids. This year we decided to semi cook the Thanksgiving meal, so I needed something to keep the kids distracted during cooking and football. Thanks to my new found addiction Pinterest, I found some really cute and easy crafts the kids can all do together!

This first craft is my favorite. Leaf Feather Turkeys

You'll need:

brown construction paper
white construction paper
dried and pressed fallen leaves
large circle stencil
small circle stencil
small wiggly eyes (optional)

Use a cereal bowl or something of the same size to outline a circle on a brown piece of construction paper and cut it out. (Great scissor practice for the little ones) Use an empty toilet roll to outline a smaller circle on the same sheet of brown paper. Cut that out as well.

Add eyes to the smaller circle (small wiggly eyes work too) and cut off the tip of a pointy leaf for the beak and a small strip of a leaf for the red waddle. Glue them on.

Finding the perfect leaves are a bit of a challenge for us since our trees don't really change colors. Find a few different sizes, shapes and colors. 8-10 leaves should do the trick.

Glue down the bottom half of the big circle to a white sheet of construction paper. Carefully tuck a couple of the bigger leaves behind the big circle, arranging them however you wish. Glue those down. Add the smaller leaves on top of the bigger leaves, again arranging them however you wish, just make sure to overlap them, and glue those down as well. Glue the top half of the bigger circle to the leaves. Draw some legs and you're done!

What a cute craft to hang on the fridge or a window!

This second craft I realized we can't really do since we don't have large leaves here, but I really like this craft so I'm going to post it anyway.

Colorful Leaf Painting


large leaves (different shapes and sizes)
cookie sheet
acrylic paints (red, orange, green, yellow)
white construction paper
paper towel

Start by squirting different colored acrylic paints onto a baking sheet. Spread around the paint a bit to mix the colors and allow for enough room to press the entire leaf down. Press the leaf into the paint and then carefully place the leaf onto the paper, pressing it some more. Make sure to place the leaf vein-side down. (into the paint)

Children really need to press down all around the leaf...making sure to press all the way to the corners.  It takes a minute or two for small hands to be able to do this.

Carefully lift the leaf off the paper....the results are amazing and each so different, despite using the same leaf over and over again. 

I really want to try this with my children, so I think I'll just bite the bullet and pick a few leaves off the tree in the front your. They're not very big, but they do have a nice shape. Here is another picture I found on the web of the same concept. So pretty and fallish!!

So that's my little craft session for the day! 

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  1. These are great ideas! I am going to have to try them with my little gang.


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