Saturday, December 10, 2011

Crazy Christmas Season

Wow, Thanksgiving was gone in a flash and now Christmas is almost here. Where did this year go?

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I wish I could say the same for me. Don't get me wrong, the meal was wonderful. However the day before, as I was cleaning out the garage, I got really light headed and felt sick. I went inside and sat down and it only got worse. I went to the bathroom to pee, and then it hit me. Any women knows exactly what I'm talking about....cramping and burning...UGH!!!! I had a UTI. The first one I've had in almost four years. Unfortunately, I had no way of getting to a doctor until Tuesday, so I had to suffer and drink tuns of water and pure cranberry juice for days. Finally, my wonderful next door neighbor Mel came back from vacation and took me to the doctor. Turns out, I waited to long to go and it almost turned into a kidney infection. I had to have a shot in my bum, which was the WORST. (Not the shot, the medicine going into the muscle...OMG that hurt for days!!) He then gave me Ciprofloxacin 500mg twice a day for 5 days. I'm allergic to Amoxicillin, so that was the next best thing. Sean said that stuff is crazy strong and will wipe out the infection in no time. To top it all off, my "monthly bill" reared its ugly head during the same time. (How did women survive without tampons....) Needless to say, I was in terrible pain for Thanksgiving.

This year, Sean bought a tun of new decorations at Costco. He bought matching swags, garland, bulb set for the tree, and a huge wreath for the wall. All red, white and green pine. They look beautiful together. He and the boys went to Costco to buy the tree as well. Unfortunately, not only do they not cut the stump, but they don't tie it to your car either. So, Sean bought a chain saw that he had no idea how to use. He didn't realize it needed an extension cord and oil. So he had to make another trip out to Sears. Instead of buying the oil and cord, he bought a flimsy hack saw, thinking that would cut through a tree stump just fine.....HA!!!!! He didn't get through an inch before the thing broke. So, he gets pissed and swears to never buy a real tree again. Meanwhile, I take a hammer and large flat head screwdriver and start trying to pry off the cut stump. I was using what was left of the hack saw and the hammer and screwdriver. It took almost an hour, but I manager to get most of the stump off. (All but about an inch in the middle) It was enough to let it drink water. Now, getting it into the stand, that was a whole other challenge. The tree is the heaviest we have ever had. So heavy that it kept tipping the stand over. It took three tries to get it to stand up somewhat straight. The end was worth it. The prettiest tree we've ever had!

This year, I was determined to get all 7 kids in a Christmas picture, around the tree. Sigh.......I tried. I took around 100 shots and this was the best I could get. Mary was moody, Lizzie wouldn't sit still. Declan kept putting on a fake smile, Cian wouldn't look at the camera when everyone else was, Sam was tired of being held by Declan and Liam kept trying to inch away with the Christmas present. The only good one was Fionn. He's my little angel! As a gift for Sean, I earned enough Coke Rewards points to get him a sterling silver key chain. I wanted all the kids in the photo, but the picture was too wide for the key chain. So I tried to get a shot of just the girls instead. YA, that didn't work either. Mary was still in a mood and all Lizzie wanted to do was play with her smartphone. Again, this was the best shot I could get. I sure hope he likes it.....sigh.

Lastly, you're going to think this it hilarious, but I do online surveys for fun. Opinion Outpost is the site I use and it pays rather well. For 100 points, you get $10. I got 1000 points in two weeks and was able to get a $100 gift card for Amazon. So, I bought Sean the Blu-ray set of Star Wars. He's been wanting that but not willing to pay the money. I am currently trying to save another 815 points to get him a new smoker and wood chips, and finally made it yesterday. When I went to go purchase the gift card, IT DIDN'T WORK. The option is temporally unavailable. how am I going to get his gift. It's the only money I have. For those of you who don't know, I am a stay at home Mom and our only income is through Sean. He never lets me buy him a gift for his birthday or Christmas, and if he does, I can usually only spend $30 or less on him. So this year, I'll show him...HA!!!! I'LL MAKE MY OWN MONEY AND HE CAN'T SAY S*** ABOUT IT!!!!! HA...I WIN!!!!!LOL. Anywho, I really hope they get that option back up and running before Christmas. I really want to get him that gift.

Here are a few more photos of our Christmas decorations!

Merry Christmas...HAHAHA

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