Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back in the swing of things

Now that ALL the holidays are behind us, we can finally put some order back into our lives. Sean has gone back to work. He has been crazy busy with "new year" meetings. Since the company will be staying with its present owner, its back to business as usual. Everyone is however, waiting to hear what the owners are planning to do with the company. On a positive note, any employee who stuck with the company through the uncertainty is being rewarded with a retention bonus. They are paying them out in two installments. The first on the 26th of this month and the other at the end of June. Because Sean is one of the top 5% in his salary bracket, he got the highest payout, which is AWESOME for us, since we have a little catching up to do in bills after Christmas. Plus, we still need to finish the boys room (sheet sets and curtains still need to be bought.). We've also decided to buy the girls a trundle bed. The extra cash this month is a big help to us.

Last week, Sean received a call from his boss around 8am. She never calls that early, so right away he knew a wrench would be thrown into his day. He was right. His bosses, bosses boss (still with flew in from Seattle to go on a "ride along" specifically with Sean. I guess there has been a "buzz" about his performance with one of the companies bigger accounts. Sean has been #1 in the market with this company for the last three months. (Since he started this new position) I guess they wanted to see what he was doing that the other markets were not. He spent 6 hours with this 7 ft tall man and blew his socks off! The guy reported back to his boss, the VP with glowing remarks about Sean. Its pretty exciting that all these big wigs are taking interest in his work. Maybe another promotion will be in his future a lot sooner.

Yesterday he had to get up super early to be at a race track by 8am. The company was holding their annual AOP meeting and this year they got to race cars before the meeting. Sean had never driven a race car, but he was thrilled to get the opportunity. They each got to race ten laps. Sean came in seventh because he was rear ended by one of the other SDRs in the 9th lap. He just didn't have enough time to catch back up. After racing, it was meetings and presentations all day. He was asked to do a presentation on how to drive sales. Since his stores are #1, they wanted him to share his secrets with all the other markets. He had to give his speech in front of over 150 people and several "high ups". It must have been pretty important since he actually changed his clothes twice before he left the

Today, at 8am, he and the other two SDRs' had to go meet with the VP. It was for something called a "round table" meeting. The VP is basically filling the guys in on what will be going on this quarter with the company. Since no one really knows what the future holds with the company yet, this is a pretty important meeting that will give some enlightenment. This is the last early meeting he has to go to until February 1st, when he has to travel all the way to San Diego for some event.

The boys and I have returned to our school schedule. We are in week 14, a bit behind where I'd like to be by this time, but with all the illnesses we've had, I should consider myself lucky. Declan had a bit of trouble with English last term. He received a C- on his final, which brought his final grade down to a B-. Sean wasn't pleased and had him explain why he did so poorly on his exam. His biggest problem, he doesn't read or follow direction. (he actually has that problem in most classes) He just assumes he knows what he's doing and then gets the problems wrong. He has a lot of problems with Nouns and Proper nouns, so I have been trying to find extra activities for him to practice with. If any of my teacher/home schooling friends have any suggestions, please let me know.

Cian is doing really well. He is ready to start reading, so we are starting him on the "I can Read" book collection on level one. They are simple, Dick and Jane style stories. He isn't ready for the bigger 4 and 5 letter words yet, so these simple words are perfect for him. I owe Time4Learning a lot of credit for helping out where Setons could not. It really is a great online curriculum! Now if they could only teach him to write. That has been an uphill battle with him. Sean suggested maybe hiring a tutor twice a week to help out. With Fionn starting school next year, that might not be a bad idea.

I got a new cell phone!!! The HTC Sensation, its super fast compared to my old Vibrant and has an awesome camera. Since Microsoft rolled out the new Nokia Lumia 710, all managers and higher got the phone last week for free. Sean gave me his phone because he is required to use this phone for three months. He loves it. He didn't think he would since Windows has had a bad mobile application in the past, but this phone is amazing. Its super simple yet classy. Great start for bringing Nokia into the smartphone world.

Lastly, I wanted to give a special mention to my friends Michelle and Adam. Adam was in a motorcycle accident last weekend and suffered a concussion, two broken wrists, an ankle and damaged his knee. I have know Adam since working at the Marriott back in Arizona over 11 years ago and his wife and I have become great friends. Adam and Michelle, our prayers are with you both for a speedy recovery. The Air Force needs you!!!!!!!lol

I'll leave this post with some new pictures of the kids. Have a great weekend!!!!

It was a sunny morning during breakfast.

Bear and Wookie

Bear, he thinks he owns the couch.

Wookie too

Lizzie being silly

She has such a pretty smile!

I like your tulip Mommy!

Sam, looks just like Sean as a baby.

Mary thinks she's still a baby.

Mary and Sam

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  1. Thank you for thinking of us =) Adam is finally starting to feel better, but not walking on his own yet. I'll try and update the blog with the entire story soon.


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