Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

 I am so excited for Valentine's Day!!! This morning I got up and cut out a red heart and wrote in glue and glitter "I AM MOMS VALENTINE" I stuck it on Sam's back and took him to see Sean. He laughed at me.

We have some fun things planned for the kids today. First Sean took the car for its 10,000 mile check up. He has only had the car for 7 months and has already racked that much miles on it. After that he was is headed to the mall to buy a few things for me! I told him to pick up some candy for the kids as well. We are letting them make personal pizzas for dinner. Sean bought a pizza stone to make it easier. We bought Lady and the Tramp on Blu-ray and are going to have a fun family movie afternoon.

We are putting the kids to bed super early tonight to celebrate Valentine's Day. Sean bought filet's to grill and a really nice bottle of wine. Its going to be a quite evening with a candlelight dinner!

Yesterday, Sean took the boys to see Star Wars 3D. So Mary and I had a fun cookie day. I had a box of sugar cookie mix from Christmas that we never used, so I dug out my cookie cutters and found the heart shapes. Mary and I made pretty heart cookies for everyone. She had so much fun and was such a big help! Here are a few pictures I took of the fun!

Left over Christmas cookies.

All ready to make cookies.

Pouring in the cookie mix.

Adding the flour.

Adding the eggs!

Attempting to mix the dough.

Spreading the flour out.

Rolling out the dough.

Ready to use the cookie cutters.

Making heart cookies.

Painting them with egg whites for the red sprinkles.

The finished product!

She did a great job. The boys and Daddy ate them all up!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

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