Tuesday, February 28, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Crafts for 2012!

I have been searching for a new art project for the kids to do this year for St. Patrick's Day. Because we are all Irish, St. Patrick's Day is a fun holiday for us. This year I wanted to do two projects, one for our Catholic Faith and one just for fun. A fellow home schooling mom suggested this first craft...

Silly Leprechaun Face:

White Paper Plate
1 piece of green construction paper
1 piece of red construction paper
Scraps of pink, blue, white, black and yellow construction paper
Single hole punch (for the eyes and to punch a hole in the top rim of the plate for hanging)
1 Quarter, nickle and dime for tracing
Elmer's Glue
Strip of String

First, use your hole punch to put a hole in the top rim of the plate. Cut a strip of string long enough to hang your Leprechaun from a door or wall. Put it through the hole and tie it. Now lets make the hat. Cut a square out of the green paper, any size you want. I used a Bob Book for our square pattern. Next cut a long rectangular strip from the green paper, about an inch and a half thick, and a half inch longer than the square, on both sides. This will be for the brim. Next, cut a long black strip that is the same length as the square, about an inch thick. This will be the belt across the hat. For the buckle, cut a 2 inch rectangle out of the yellow paper. Fold it in half and cut out a small rectangle. Open it back up, this is your buckle for the belt across the hat. Glue the green strip to the bottom of the green square, the long edges at the bottom should match up. Then glue your black belt about and inch or two above the brim, to the green square. Center your yellow buckle to the black belt and glue that down. Once that dries, glue your hat to the top of the paper plate. (Make sure the plate is right side up, as if you were eating from it. Be careful not to get the string stuck inside the hat and plate.)

The next step is to make the eyes. First, use a quarter to trace two circles with the black paper. A penny to trace two circles with the white paper. A dime to trace two circles in the blue paper. Use your hole punch to punch out two holes in the white paper for the pupils. These circles get glued on top of each other to make the eyes. Once dried, glue them to the paper plate, however you'd like!

Next is the nose. Use the pink paper to cut out an oval shape. A perfect size would be to use the handle of your scissors as a pattern for tracing. If you don't have this type of scissors, be creative!! Center the nose on the plate, just below the eyes. Glue it down. We're almost finished!

Next, the mouth. You can go the simple route and use a black marker to make a silly smiley mouth, or cut out a mouth using black construction paper. You could get really creative and cut out two teeth with white paper. Which ever use choose will look great!

On to the beard! Take a piece of red paper, length wise, and start cutting strips, about 1/4 wide. When your done, cut them all in half, to make them smaller. This also gives you twice as many strips for a fuller beard. Take each strip and roll it tightly around a pen or pencil, leaving about a half inch straight. This makes the curls. Glue each strip, starting at the bottom, to the bottom edge of the plate, going up each side until you reach the brim of the hat. It should look something like this....

Let it dry for a few hours. When its ready, use the string on the back of the plate to hang it to a door or wall. A cute and fun project for you and the kids!

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