Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Taking the BOB Books Challenge

I've come to the conclusion that Cian needs extra help with reading. Both Seton's and Time4Learning are a little too advanced for him. I even tried the I Can Read books, level 1, and they are too advanced for him as well. He does know all his letters and the sounds, but he isn't ready for blends and vowels yet. He doesn't quite grasp the "silent e" at the end of a word and what it does. Letters like M, N, TH and F give him trouble because he has a slight speech impediment. He also tries to read words that aren't even on the page. He'll look at the picture and decide what he thinks it says. He has a really hard time sounding out words and gets frustrated, so he just guesses. It's so difficult to watch him struggle, so I had to find a new program for him. Several of my friends are teachers and homeschooling Moms and have suggested BOB Books.

There are 5 different book sets and each set has 12 little books inside. I purchased set one. This set has simple 3 letter words like sat, mat, hat, zap and zip. He read the first book this afternoon in school. He was so proud of himself for finishing his first book. He actually understood the story and enjoyed it for the first time. The words were easy for him to sound out. Instead of taking 10 minutes to sound out a word, it took him 10 minutes to finish the whole book!

Each child learns at a different level. Just because Declan was a whiz at reading doesn't mean Cian will be too. As a parent, we see our children every day and learn to look for their struggles so we can help them overcome these challenges. If Cian had been in a public school, he would have been lost in the system and left to fail. With the over crowded schools in our state, the teacher would not have the ability to give him the extra help he needs. Every day I thank God that I am able to stay home and give my children a proper education in a safe and loving environment. I am so pleased that there are programs like BOB Books and Time4Learning that help with children who are just starting to read or need a little extra help. We think we've have finally found the perfect readers for his level and best of all, they grow with him and his progress. So, this homeschooling Mom is now one very happy camper!

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  1. YEAH Cian! I'm so happy that you and Cian both like the Bob books. We're fans here too =)It's such a great feeling to see your child succeed!


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