Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I am so upset, to the point of tears. Yesterday afternoon, I restarted my cell phone because it was running slow. When it came back on, ALL my pictures were GONE!! Over 1200 pictures saved on both my SD card and the phone itself. I FREAKED OUT! Sean is an expert with all things cellular, and he came to the conclusion that my SD card corrupted. It just happened out of nowhere. It's not something I did, they just don't last forever. So many pictures that I can never get back, gone forever. I did email a lot of them to my Mom, so they are saved in my sent folder, and a lot of them are here on my blog too. Thank God for Blogger! However I lost a lot that weren't saved. Memories we can never get back. I should have backed them up on Lookout or the Cloud, but I didn't think that it would ever happen to me. Sean ran into it all the time when he was managing corporate stores. In fact, it happened to him as well. So you would think I would have taken the hint....NOPE! So, Sean installed Lookout on my Android device. All pictures and videos are now backed up! So my advice to anyone that has lots of precious photos on there cell phone SD card....BACK THEM UP or UPLOAD THEM TO YOUR COMPUTER!!!

On a happy note, we had a wonderful Valentine's Day with the kids. Sean bought me this beautiful flower arrangement. 12 white roses, some lovely orange flowers and little purple flowers too! It smells so nice and came in a beautiful purple vase! He also bought tuns of candy and chocolate covered favorite.

For the kids, he bought the candy and a Star Wars Lego Xbox game. They played it all afternoon until they made little pizzas. Sean forgot to buy mozzarella cheese, so they used Mexican cheese...YUCK! They didn't really like it

I put the kids to bed at 6:30pm (I know, terrible parents) with little bags of candy. They didn't seem to mind. Sean left to our favorite restaurant, Canyon to order or dinner. We both had the fillet in port sauce with portobello mushrooms and spinach, soooo yummy! We also had spare ribs as a side.

While he was gone. I quickly wrapped his Home Sweet Home Boston Celtics sigh. Got out the crystal candle holders and white dinner candles. They looked so pretty with my flowers and Sean's gifts. I had our song playing over dinner. It was lovely! The food was wonderful as always. After dinner we were going to watch a movie, but Sam woke up to be fed, so we fed him and then played with him. By then it was 9pm, so we went to bed. Sean had to be up early for yet another meeting in the morning. Despite losing all my pictures, it was a nice family day. I'll end this with some photos of the kids eating their pizzas.

Mary with stringy cheese.

Lizzie took a bite out of the middle of her pizza.

Fionny and his "cheesy" smile.

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  1. Oh No! I'm so sorry you lost your pics. That is one of my worst nightmares. =( I'm glad you have a back-up system now.


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