Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bunny & Chick Easter Basket Craft

Here's another easy and fun craft to do with the kids from Oriental Trading Company. This project can be done with either a glue gun or Tacky Glue. I chose Tacky Glue for mine. (Too many small children running around in this house for a glue

The parts included in kit:
1 white paper plate (Bunny)
1 yellow paper plate (Chic)
1 pink cardboard handle (Bunny)
1 orange cardboard handle (Chick)
Bunny foam parts
Chick foam parts
Bag of Brads

As with all crafts from Oriental Trading, the directions are very confusing. This craft was exceptionally bad. I'll try my best to dumb down the
I started with the bunny.

1. The paper plates are pre-cut with little holes for the brads. First, fold all four sides of the paper plate up toward the center. That should make a flat bottom for your basket to sit.

2. Two of the four sides have three holes punched in and the other two have two. Using the sides with three holes, match the two end holes with the sides that have only two holes. Stick a bard, from the outside, through the holes and fan out the ends. (See image) Repeat on all four sides.

3. There should be one middle hole open on two sides. Those are for the handle. The handle has a pre cut hole on either end. Match each hole on the handle with the remaining two holes on the basket, from the outside. Push a bard, from the outside, through the two holes. Fan it out from the inside of the basket. Bend the handle and repeat on the other side.

4. Next, glue the pink foam nose and pink strips to the bunny's head and ears.(or chick). Let it dry.

5. Glue the aqua bow-tie to the bottom of the bunny's head. Let it dry completely before moving on to the next step.

6. Glue the entire head to one side of the pink handle. (See image) Let that dry completely before moving on.

6. On the bottom front of the basket, (same side as the head) glue the end of the feet to the basket. The two paws should be sticking out. I would recommend putting something heavy inside the basket to help glue down the feet. I used a full water bottle. Let that dry completely as well.

7. Finally, glue the tail to the other side of the basket handle. Glue the bottom of the tail just under the handle. Make sure the entire basket is dry before stuffing it with Easter grass and other goodies!!

So there you have it, another quick and easy Easter craft to do with the kids, that only cost about $5 (12 included in pack) from Oriental Trading Company!!!


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