Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter Craft #1 Bunny Magnet Craft

OK, so this year a have three really cute crafts from Oriental Trading Company for Easter. Since I have a lot of teachers and homeschooling parents that follow my blog, I thought I'd select a few Easter crafts to build and review for those of you who are looking for inexpensive and easy projects to do with the kids! Let's start off with an easy one...

First, Lay out all your parts.
1. Two ears
2. Two arms
3. Two feet
4. One face
5. One stomach
6. One purple bow
7. One tiny pink noes. (glasses required to see
8. One clothespin
9. One small magnet.
10. Tacky glue

 The only thing you will need for the kit is glue. I have never worked with foam before, so I used Elmer's glue. Live and learn, it doesn't actually work. Use Tacky glue!!!
Be careful, I almost threw away the tiny pink nose. I suggest gluing that on the face before doing anything else. That ensures you won't lose it!

Once the nose is dry, (and I strongly suggest waiting for it to fully dry) glue each ear to the top of the head, from the back, pointy ends down. Make sure the two ears are the same length and touching. I know that doesn't sound very clear, but I couldn't find the right words to describe it. Just use the picture as a guide. Let those dry completely as well.

Once the ears dry, glue the completed head onto the tab at the top of the bunny's body. (The tab should be up)Make sure the writing on the back is facing you. Again, let that dry completely. Before it does dry, turn it over and make sure everything is centered. I made that mistake, so mind is a bit

Next we're going to glue on the arms. Each one needs to be glued on the front of the bunny, just under the face. Make sure to leave plenty of room in the middle for the bow.

Elmer's glue does not work for gluing on the bow, so I just jumped onto Amazon and bought a bottle of Tacky glue. In the mean time, I tried to glue the bow between the two arms, just under the chin. Let those dry before moving on to the next step.

Now for the feet. If you notice, there is a small arch on each foot. You want the arch to face inside, toward the bunny's belly. Glue each foot under the arms, on the front, making sure they are overlapping the body. The heals should just touch each other at the bottom of his body. This was a little tricky, since I used the wrong kind of GLUE. (Lesson learned, thank goodness there were 12 in a pack.) Let those dry completely because we will be flipping him over to glue the clothespin next.

While we're waiting for the feet to dry, lets glue on the magnet to the clothespin. First, you want the mouth of the clothespin to face down. (Not the pinchy part) Next, test your magnet to see which side is the magnet side. (I didn't do that and glued the wrong side to the Glue the non-magnet side to the clothespin above the wire. Let that dry.

Last, but not least, glue the clothespin to the back of the bunny. Do this carefully, in case the body and bow aren't fully dried. I would suggest putting something somewhat heavy on top of it, unless you have the time to sit there and hold it down until it dries.'re finished! A simple and cute craft to stick on the fridge that will hold all those cute pictures your kids draw you. If you're like me, your fridge is camouflaged with all sorts of crafts and


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