Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Sean!!

Yesterday was my husbands 38th Birthday. He's not the least bit thrilled about it, but then who We didn't do anything special, played Xbox (Borderlands), watched Major League and hung out with the kids.

I had done a bunch of surveys on Opinion Outpost to collect enough money to buy him a gift. Unfortunately, the money wasn't credited to my account until the day before yesterday, so I was a bit limited on what I could get him. I had ordered him a cool beer mug with flowers in it. I wanted to get him a baseball gift basket, but they wouldn't be able to deliver it until tomorrow. So I went with the mug of flowers. Then, while Sean was out, I got a call from 1-800 Flowers. The women, who spoke very little English, left a message that I could not understand. When I called back, they said they didn't have the mug I wanted and had substituted it with some ugly vase. I was livid!!! The whole point of the gift was the beer mug, not the stupid flowers. So I cancelled the order and they told me my credit card wouldn't be credited for 5 days. So I couldn't even get him another gift. I was so upset. I broke into tears and demanded to speak to a supervisor. Of course, they did NOTHING!!! They didn't even offer to trey an fix it. That is the last time I use their service.

All the kids made him special Birthday cards while he was out running errands. They turned out cute.

On Monday, Sean rented a Rug Doctor so we could clean the boys carpets. I am so sick of the infection that has consumed my childrens lives. I have tried everything. We even bought special covers for the mattresses. I went over their carpets twice and they were totally black. It was so discusting!!! The girls room wasn't that bad. I did the living room carpet too, but yesterday it still wasn't dry. Now my house smells like a basement filled with mold. I think we'll leave it to the professionals next time.

On an exciting note, Sean and I are in the beginning stages of looking to buy a house. I strongly emphasize "beginning stages". We are looking at different areas of our state. We know we don't want to buy a house in this area, but more North might be nice. We can't really do much else until we know where Sean will be working. He received an email this morning informing him that two of the three interviews for the LDP position will be tomorrow morning, starting at 9am. WOW, talk about no time to prepare. He never did get a suit. So he is going to ask his boss if he can work a half day to get his resume and things together. He was headed to Men's Warehouse this morning to see if they had something in his size that wouldn't need to be altered. His chest is really wide and his legs are super short, so the chances of that are pretty slim.

He's really nervous. His weak point is, his brain doesn't fully wake up until noon or 1pm. He's just not a morning person. Since the first interview is at 9am, he wants to wake up at 6am just to get a few Cokes down and try to get focused. His other disadvantage, one of the three other candidates has been in her position for a long time and she's really good at her job. He doesn't see them picking a guy who has only been in the position for 6 months over someone who has been doing it for several years. His advantages are that he interviews really well and this is the first year this program has been offered to his current department, so none of the other people really know what it is or how big of an impact the program is on promotion within the company. Since Sean was in corporate retail for three years, he has seen the program and knows how amazing the opportunity is.

Whatever happens, he will still be up for promotion in 6 months or sooner. Oh, I forgot to mention he went for his yearly review last week and got a small pay raise. (Small because he is already above the pay scale for his position.) It's not much, but it helps! His boss had nothing but raving things to say about his performance and again insured him that a district level position is in the near future. Very encouraging to hear!

UPDATE: Since I wrote this, Sean called to say Men's Warehouse CAN help him with his clothes! More details to come!!

UPDATE FOR TODAY: Sean went to his two interviews this morning. He sent me a text just before the first one saying he felt like he was going to "hurl" from nerves. Of course he didn't. He feels the first interview went well, but the second he feels he tanked because he wasn't himself. I'm sure he did find though. We may know who gets the position as early as tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!!


  1. Arley! Congratulations on being able to purchase a house! That is such a big deal! I hope you find a lovely community that you'll feel at home in and that you'll be in an area where you can walk to some shops and parks.

    I hope Sean's interviews go well!

  2. Thanks Nicole! He should know something as early as tomorrow. He didn't think he did very well in the second interview. We'll see...


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