Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Partick's Day!!

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than with Cians 8th birthday!! OK, maybe it wasn't actually on St. Patrick's Day, but close enough. It was actually yesterday. We had a nice day. Sean had to work until 2pm, and since we took Tuesday off from school for Seans birthday, we had a lot of catch up work in school. After school we opened presents. The reason Cian is laying on the cough in front of his gifts, on his stomach is because he can't sit. He still has a boil on his butt and is in a lot of pain.

This years theme was of course, Star Wars. He received a Star Wars poster for their room, a bunch of action figures, baseball plates and balls for out back, die cast Star Wars ships, some Star Wars plane, a sith light saber and a new game for the Xbox. The game was the hit of course.

The kids are all obsessed with Costco pizza, so Sean had to drive 20 minutes to our nearest Costco just for pizza. (It was Friday, so burgers were out...gotta love Lent.)

The cake was super cool! It was baseball themed but it was so yummy, filled with Boston cream!!! Its really huge, we'll be eating it for at least a week. Right when I was putting the candles in it, Lizzie picks up a dirty, wet dish rag and throws it onto the kitchen table, landing right on the side of the cake...UGH!!!! It was only on the lower left corner, so I just cut that part off. What would a birthday be in this family with out some sort of

I recorded Cian blowing out his candles with my phone. OMG, it was hysterical. He couldn't blow them out, he just kept spitting on the cake. Sean was horrified yet laughing at the same time.

We put the little ones to bed right after cake and let Declan and Cian spend the rest of the evening playing their new racing game. Here are the rest of the pictures...
Opening his poster.

Action figures.

Die cast ships.

Baseball bases.

Joy Ride Xbox game.

Darth Mal light saber

Star Wars ship.

Blew out the candles!

One last disappointing note, Sean did not get the LDP position. He feels he bombed his second interview. His boss basically said he had the utmost confidence that Sean is a born leader and able to preform this position well, but 6 months just wasn't enough time to be in the position and qualify for the program. He did say he was the front running for the program next year. Sean was pretty pissed at himself because he knows the position in and out, but his brain just wouldn't work that morning. He said he couldn't answer the "question behind the question" whatever that means. He's not upset about losing to the other lady, because she is more than qualified and deserves it. He's upset because he didn't do his best, and doesn't feel that he gave a good enough challenge. It's hard to explain, you have to know Sean and his personality to understand what I am trying to say. He's a natural leader and is not accustomed to failing. He will beat himself up over it until he wins. In the end, this will only make him work harder to prove he is the Like I said, you just have to know him to understand.

So, where does that leave us and this town....not sure yet, but we do know it will probably be another year here, unless something changes between now and then.....sigh.

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  1. March birthdays are the best! Looks like he had a great one! I'm sorry to read that Sean did not get the job. It sounds like he wasn't passed over for anything he did or did not do. Rather, it seems more like it was because he had only been doing that position for six months. Still, I think he'll knock their socks off next year!


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