Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shadow gets spaired!!!

As I had mentioned in a past post, we have been having problems with Shadow doing his business on the kids beds and recently ours. Well, Sean was literally out the door with him yesterday, on his way to the pound. Since there aren't any no-kill shelters in our town, that was our only option. I was pretty upset. Despite his flaws, he's a really sweet cat. He loves attention and will lick your arms and legs any chance he gets. Sean doesn't like cats, but he doesn't want to see him put to sleep because we were irresponsible in not getting his mother fixed. (She's in heat again, BTW) It wasn't his fault. So, Sean told me to find the vet our next door neighbor recommended. Maybe they could give us some advice on what the problem is or how to fix it. They were awesome. They recommended getting him snipped. That would stop the spraying. The problem is, he's not actually spraying, he's just using the beds as his cat box anytime his mother uses it. The vet said that is actually common in male cats. He doesn't like to share his litter box with other cats. He recommended placing two boxes for him and one for his mother.

We did actually let him neuter Shadow. Since he was trying to "mount" his mother. He got him right in and we were able to pick him up at 4pm. He's 7 months old and weighs 12 lbs. His mother isn't that He's doing great. He's on an antibiotic, Amoxicillin, which I am highly allergic too, and a pain killer, twice per day. I'm really hoping this takes care of the problem. I hate to see such a sweet cat have to be put to sleep just because he's a little picky. I guess time will tell. Have a great Tuesday!!

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