Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Bear Wreath

The boys and I made this really cute Saint Patrick's Day Bear Wreath for our classroom door. It turned out so cute, I thought I'd share the craft!


Cardboard (we used an old pizza box from Kirkland)
Construction paper (green)
1 large dinner plate
1 small plate (like the plates you put under a tea cup)
crayons (Brown, green, yellow and black)
Bear cut outs
wiggly eye (optional)


First, cut out a fairly large piece of cardboard. We used the box from a 3 pack of pizza from Costco. Use a dinner plate to trace a circle. Place a smaller plate (tea cup saucer) in the middle of the larger circle and trace that.

Cutting out the center circle was a little tricky, but it doesn't matter if it looks a little rough around the edges, no one will see it.

Now for the time consuming part, you'll need several sheets of green construction paper. You're going to be cutting strips about 1 1/2 inches wide by 4 inches long. You can use a ruler if you're a perfectionist like Once all your rings are cut out, start gluing them together. Let the glue dry for a bit before gluing them to the wreath, or you'll have a gooey mess.

Once those are fairly dry, place your wreath on a sheet of news paper or something you don't mind getting glue on. (I made the mistake of doing it on my kitchen table. Now its a sticky mess.) You're going to start gluing the rings onto the wreath. You will be making two rows, so you will only need to put glue on half of each ring. Place a small line of glue where you glued the rings together and overlap it onto the wreath. You're going to do this all the way around your wreath. This can be pretty tricky, so be patient. You may need to make a few adjustments here and there. Let the rings dry for an hour or so.

While the rings are drying, this is a good time to have the kids color the bear and shamrock. Instead of coloring our shamrock, I traced it onto green construction paper. I used wiggly eyes for my bear to make him look silly. The kids loved that. Once you have colored all the parts, cut them out.

Here's the fun part. You're going to glue the head, hat, bow tie, shamrock and two paws on the front bottom of the wreath. I would suggest picking a section that you think didn't turn out as well, because the bear is going to cover it up for you! Glue the two paws to the bottom back of the bears face, just under his chin, so there is about a quarter of an inch between the two paws. Glue the bow tie onto to the bottom of his chin and paws. Glue the hat to the right or left ear. Let that dry for a few minutes.

Once the paws and head are somewhat dry, glue the top of the shamrock to the back of the bears paws. Let that dry while you move on to the tummy and feet.

Glue the small oval to the bottom middle of the large oval, making sure its centered. Glue the two paws to either side of the lower tummy. It's kind of hard to explain, so just use the picture as a guide. Once those are dry, you're ready to glue them to your wreath!

We're almost done, now glue the bears head to the front of the wreath, making sure the shamrock is hanging well below the bottom of the wreath. Glue the bears body to the back of the wreath. This is a bit tricky. You need to make sure its centered with the rest of the body. The bottom of his tummy and feet need to look like he's hanging on the wreath. I would suggest gluing the top front of his tummy to the green rings, not the wreath itself. (I made that mistake, you can barely see the green in his tummy or paws.) Once that is done, lay it flat and let it dry for an hour or so before hanging. It's light enough that masking tape will do the job nicely for hanging on a door or wall!

This was a fun craft, but better for older children. Have fun making it!

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