Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Windows 8 Review, LDP and Random Crazyness!

Last weekend, Sean installed the new Windows 8 onto my computer. We were already familiar with it since Sean has the first Windows Lumia phone and the Xbox 360. However, on my computer it's completely different. First, we made the mistake of not signing into my Hotmail account when we installed it. BIG NO NO. If you don't sign in, you will not be able to access anything like Mail, Messaging, the App Store or your calendar. Nothing worked right. Once it's installed, you can't uninstall it and start over. We did find a cool new feature that lets your "reset" your computer, kind of like a factory reset on your phone. You won't lose any files and or previous installations. It's actually really cool. Sean did this and was able to start over again and sign me in with my Hotmail account. Walla! Everything works!

I love all the cool tiles on the home screen. They are totally customizable, similar to apps. You just find your favorite websites and "pin" them to your home screen. It's actually designed for tablets, so swiping isn't very easy using a mouse pad, but it's still pretty cool. Since this is only a Beta version, you can't take advantage of all the cool features, but you get a good feel for what it will be like. The coolest feature, if you want to go back to the original Windows, you just click on the "desktop" tile and it brings you right back to the original Windows screen. So far, we really like it. It sure beats Chrome and their privacy violations.

On a cool note, last week Sean got pulled out of a meeting by his boss and her boss. They wanted to congratulate him on being their candidate for LDP (Leadership Development Program). It's basically a program for the "best of the best" to get a crash course training in all departments of the company. It's about 6 months long, usually 2-3 days per week and very intense. The people chosen for the program have to be within their current position for at least 6 months. They made a special exception for Sean because his 6 month mark wasn't until a couple days after the application cut off date. The candidates that are chosen are usually up for promotion and will be promoted shortly after the program is finished.

Sean is one of three selected for the program in our state. Only one is selected. He has to go through 3 interviews, 2 very intense, before they make their decision. As part of the process, he has to have an updated company profile, with a recent photo of himself. In nearly 4 years with the company, he has never filled out his profile, nor added a photo. He HATES having his picture taken, so he wasn't thrilled when his boss told him it needed to be done by this past Friday. We didn't have any pictures that were appropriate for work, so I took this picture of him before he went to work. Of course he hates it, but what can you do. He also has to buy a suit for the interviewing process. We haven't been told when it will start, but they are anxious to get the program started this year, so it will be soon. I will post an update after the interview process.

Life has been the usual crazy, busy around here. We just finished term 2 in school, although I have had to put a hold on Math with Declan because he had to go back and memorize all his multiplication problems. It has been such a pain with him because he is lazy and doesn't want to memorize them. The nice thing about home schooling, I can stop his daily lessons to go back and review or in our case, relearn a concept. It's been two weeks and he's got all but about 13 memorized. For some reason, he has a mental block with 6x7, 8x6, 8x4, 6x4, 7x7 and a few of the 11's and 12's. I'm hoping to take one more week with this and then finish the term.

Cian has done wonderfully with BOB Books. He is on his 5th book, Dot and Mit. This one has given him a little trouble, but we worked through it today. He gets frustrated when he mixes up letter sounds, like M and N. He also looks at the picture before reading and makes up his own words, rather than reading what is on the page. My biggest concern was if he was comprehending what he was reading. Its one thing to read the words, but to actually understand the plot is another. Surprisingly, he recaps the stories well. He read to Sean last night and he was just so proud of himself. Sean was thrilled to just see him reading. It has been such a struggle with him. I cannot express how happy I am to have found these books. When you have a child that needs extra help, it can be very discouraging to not find the proper materials needed. Like I said in a past post, I had tried several different beginning books, none of which he was ready for. It wasn't until my friend Michelle posted a blog about her daughter reading from the BOB Books that I decided to try them. I am so greatful for these books. They are perfect for him.

A couple of days ago, I came into the living room to find Sam standing in his play gym. I broke down into tears. It dawned on me that my baby boy was growing up and he might be our last baby. He is only 8 months old and already so active. Just today, I noticed two more teeth coming in on the top. That makes 6 in total. He rolled over early, crawled early and now pulling himself up and standing. Declan had him walking around the living room last night. This is all happening too fast for my taste. It seems like just yesterday I was bringing him home to meet my Mom and our neighbors. Now he's got 6 teeth, his hair sticks up and he's standing on his own. What's next, high school by 2? Why can't they just stay little babies forever. It figures the sweetest age is the shortest and the worst is the longest. I guess all we can do is treasure the moments we are blessed with and take lots of pictures/videos.....sigh.

On a rather annoying note, during school yesterday morning, Declan and I heard a crack, like pottery breaking. I looked out the window and saw Bear standing near the faucet out back. This is what we found. The stupid s*** chewed the hose off the faucet and I guess, was pulling at it and snapped the pipe in half. So now we can't turn on the water out back. Of course he snapped the pipe that goes underground, so it's going to cost a fortune to fix. Not sure how we're going to explain that one to our landlord, since she doesn't know we have dogs. I swear, he has been nothing but trouble since Sean brought him home.

We have another animal that is a huge headache as well. If you remember awhile back, my cat Dee-dah got herself knocked up and had two kittens. One we gave to the ladies next door and the other I kept. Well, I picked the dumb one. Shadow likes to do his business on the girls beds and recently our bed. Last night he left a huge package right in the middle of the bed. (I had just washed the bedding too.) Sean found it when he went to put Sam down for the night. He about killed him. I had been telling him for months that we needed to take the cat to the local shelter, but he has been reluctant to do so because it isn't a no-kill shelter. (There aren't any non-kill shelters in out county.) This was the last draw. We just bought the girls new beds and don't want them ruined. What's weird about it, he has a litter box and uses it, but once his Mother uses it too, he won't use it anymore. Very annoying!

We've had a minor infection go through the house, which caused all the kids to get boils. It's actually been floating around here for months, but we only recently found the source. A bacteria was found in our dirt out back, most likely caused by stray cats doing their business. Of course the kids love to play in the dirt, so that's where they contracted it. (The kids have since been banned from playing in the dirt.) Sean hired a company to remove an old dog house that a previous tenant left behind. Stray cats and dead rats were found in it...gross!!!! We also removed some old crap from us as well. (We may be moving in the near future) Liam got the brunt of the infection along with Cian getting a huge boil on his stomach. Sean said it looked like he grew a third not funny. Poor Cian has been in such pain for the last week. I finally got it to drain and it is healing nicely.

That my friends, is our crazy month in a nut shell. Stay tuned for further

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