Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Craziness

Easter was pretty crazy. With the house hunt in full motion, we were a bit preoccupied this year. Don't get me wrong, we still had the 48 egg hunt throughout the living room and kitchen. The kids all got Easter baskets with tuns of candy. We even received a wonderful basket of fruit from Edible Arrangements which Mom and Dad sent us. YUMMY!!!  We had a wonderful dinner from Costco, turkey with roasted veggies, ham with cheesy potatoes and strawberry shortcake for desert. Still, it was kind of sad knowing this would be our last holiday in this house. I'll post some pictures at the end of this blog.

The house hunt isn't going so well. We did find I really beautiful condo, two story 2100 sqft and only $2200 a month. They even allowed why so cheap?? Turns out it was only a 6 months lease because the owner was in bankruptcy. So there went that house.

The problem we are having, 4 bedrooms in this area is more expensive then we thought. The rental rates have gone up in the past 3 years. We may have to settle for another 3 bedroom until we are ready to buy a house next year. Sean is back at work now with no time to look, so we are dependent on real estate agents to help. Anyone who has ever had to deal with one knows they are just short of "bugger eating morons" as my husband would put it. An example, the lady that showed him the condo said "The aerodynamics in this condo are great for cooling in the summer." The ceilings were vaulted, if she had taken a simple physics course in college she would have know the electric bill would be higher, due to the amount of time the AC would need to run to cool the freaking place. I think Sean made her feel stupid, but then again, she should have kept her lack of common sense to herself.

It is still a bit early to look. Most places on the market now are available NOW and won't wait for someone until June. We're not sure if Keiko will let us out of the lease early, so we have to be cautious with our selections.

On a happier note, tomorrow is our 11 year anniversary! It's not our wedding anniversary, (we try not to celebrate that too much. Wasn't a happy memory for us.) it's the anniversary of our first date. After leaving work at 9pm, Sean took me to see a movie. The only interesting movie on at 10pm was Traffic, so that was what we saw. IT WAS AWFUL!! Not that we paid much attention to A few days later was Easter Sunday, and I invited him over to my apartment for a move and lunch. We watched Coyote Ugly and went to Z Taja's in Paradise Valley for lunch. It was a lovely afternoon and one I have never forgotten....We don't have anything planned. Since we now have to move, we won't be spending any money on fancy gifts this year. However, Sean did take the day off. So we will be spending the day together with the kids!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their families! Pictures to follow, as promised!

Declan coloring eggs.

Fionn coloring eggs.

Cian coloring eggs.

Liam, Declan and Cian.

Sam enjoying his Dino from his basket.

Cian and Lizzie looking for candy.

Liam coloring eggs. He dropped it in the mug.

Liam, Declan and Lizzie.

Liam trying to eat his candy.

Mary and Lizzie with their baskets, after finding the eggs.

Cian with Anakin.

Mary with her tiara & Strawberry Shortcake book from Grandma.

Mary and Strawberry Shortcake. Her new faze.

Liam and his truck from Grandma. That boy won't wear a shirt.

Lizzie with here tiara and candy from Grandma.

Strawberry Shortcake!

More Strawberry Shortcake....

and more.....

Fionny with his green ball.

Mary, Fionn and Cian waiting to color eggs.

Finally, Mary and her Strawberry Shortcake.

Cian and his Strawberry Shortcake.

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