Thursday, May 24, 2012


I couldn't think of a catchy title, so I just wrote what this is....

This week has been a reality check for us. Sean had his first conference call with the company taking over his department. First off, the guy was a real tool on the phone. There were over 100 people from Sean's company on the call and the guy kept saying "We know this has been a hard week for all of you and we know you were all great at what you did. We have to be up front in saying, we cannot match your current salaries." What a great motivational speaker this guy must be. He went on to say what they would be doing, which is basically standing in an isle at Wal-Mart for 16 hours per week handing out fliers. Weekends off, not anymore, oh and nights are required with this company as well. So here's a quick recap, they will cut his salary in half and tell him he has to spend half his work week in Wal-Marts, handing out fliers. Weekends and nights are a must, oh and benefits suck too. So why, you might be wondering, would all these people from the department choose to go and work for such a crappy's the incentives...

Sean's current employer is offering to pay the severance promised plus full salary threw 8/18/12, in one lump sum if they chose to transfer to this new company. (Did I mention they were only giving 1 day for everyone to make a decision) In Sean's case, that would be about $40,000. Sounds interesting right...except on his resume, it would look as if he took about three steps down from his current position. NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!! He would lose his awesome title and reputation, all for a little extra cash. He was actually considering it. He was willing to work in a place he hated for a minimum of 6 months (That was the requirement to keep all the cash) doing a job meant for a 19 year old. I was furious with him. I couldn't understand how he didn't see the insult in the demotion. That's basically what the position is, a demotion. These people put their sweat and blood into this company for years, and this is how the company repays them. After seeing how mad I was and talking to his co-workers, I think he realized what a joke the offer is. So, he hired a professional to update his resume. It should be done by time we move into the new house!

I mentioned before that Sean has a profile on LinkedIn. Today his big boss left him a glowing recommendation! I was so happy after I read it. I had no idea how great my husband was at his job. I knew he won many awards and was always at the top of important "lists" but to see in writing what his regional director thought of him....WOW! I'm so proud of him. If I had any doubt about him finding a new position, this threw it out the window! I'll leave you with his glowing recommendation...

“Sean is an extremely intelligent leader skilled in the art of relationship building, training for understanding and commitment, and driving results. Sean excels in both a team environment and as an individual contributor. He is a great coach and developer of talent. Sean adapts quickly and effectively to change and is able to prioritize his work to achieve best in class results. He is innovative in his approach and strategic in his decision making. What I appreciate most about Sean is his confidence and willingness to take calculated risks along with his entrepreneurial spirit. He is a pleasure to work with and someone that can be trusted and relied on to deliver results in the right way. Sean would be a great asset to any organization.”

UPDATE: This morning Sean sent his boss a thank you email, for the recommendation. (business etiquette) He responded with such a glowing comment. Sean actually thought he was just "being nice" in his recommendation and didn't actually think he thought that highly of him, but his recent email made him think otherwise!


You are very welcome.  I actually struggled to put your skill set into one paragraph. I have been thoroughly impressed with you and I am hoping for the opportunity to work with you at some point beyond or outside of *******.  I will definitely keep you posted on any opportunities I come across."

Again, I cannot express how proud I am of my husband. It's such a good feeling to see with my own eyes what his superiors think of his performance!


  1. Your Sean sounds like a great, hardworking man...sure he will have many doors open to him!

  2. What a glowing review! I hope it helps him in finding a new job. I hope your move goes smoothly. Again, I'm sorry that you guys are currently in this situation.
    Many hugs, prayers and job finding mojo coming your way!


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