Friday, May 11, 2012

We found a place to live!

After at least 2 dozen submitted applications, someone was finally willing to give a family of 9 with 2 crazy dogs a chance! Apparently we were exactly what the new landlord was looking for. She raised her children in this home and wanted to see it filled with children again! On to the details...

First of all, it's a 1526 sq ft town home. Not exactly what we were hoping for, but beggars can't be choosers. There is only one common wall, BUT...the unit next door was just seized by the federal government! They JUST moved out. So for now, we have no neighbors...YEAH!!! Our street is on a cul-du-sac, huge plus. There is a fenced front courtyard that leads up to the front door from the garage. Its completely private. It has a little garden with flowers and a small patch of grass. Of course we are responsible for the upkeep, so I will be hiring a landscaper.

The inside is COMPLETELY REMODELED! All new flooring downstairs and carpet upstairs. All new cabinets in the kitchen and stainless steel appliances. We still aren't sure if there is a dishwasher though. Sean did go see the property, but didn't notice one, not that he was really paying attention to those sort of details. There is also a closet in the kitchen for the washer and drier. All the walls are freshly painted with white trim. The living room has a huge mirror right as you walk in the front door. This is a huge concern for us, since our kids track record with windows isn't so hot. (6 broken windows in a three year period) Mom suggested putting a hall table in front of it, to keep them away from it. I think we might take her up on the idea. There is a fireplace in the living room and a huge closet that goes under the stairs. All the rooms have ceiling fans with lights. Since the stove is electric, that should help with the AC cost. Plus, it should be a lot cooler their since we will be so close to the ocean!

Update: I found the last photo of the kitchen (first set of pictures, right). It does look like there is a dish washer to the right of the sink. It's black, I'm guessing?

There are 4 bedrooms upstairs and 2 full bathrooms, one in the master bedroom. There is one half bath down stairs. The stairs, hall way and bedrooms are all carpeted. All the windows also have really nice curtain rods installed! A couple of the bedrooms have a view of the small park out back. We had to put down a $1000 pet deposit due to the new carpet, so NO DOGGIES will be aloud upstairs!! Unfortunately, we will have to find the cats a new home. The master bedroom has a huge wood paneled walk-in closet. Total 70's but that's OK!

There is a small back covered porch out the kitchen slider. Its not big, but has a gate leading to a nice community park with swings and a play area for kids. Great for walking the dogs and letting the kids burn off some energy. Less than 100 yards away is the pool as well!! Everything is so green and beautiful! Best of all, it's so quiet! No crazy drivers speeding down the street going 40 mph everyday. Thank goodness!

We will be moving in around June 3rd or 4th. Not sure how we're going to get the kids and I there yet though. It's about 25 miles away from where we live now. A cab ride will cost us well over $100. We have to tow the van there since it is unregistered. That isn't going to be cheap either. I put some bids in on Angie's List for movers. Sean suggested I also call the guy that hauled all our junk away. His card says they doing moving as well. He was really cheap, so maybe we can save some money using him. We are hoping he has his own truck too. If not, it's going to cost us a fortune.

I started packing last week and have quite a bit done. The rest I can't really pack until a day or so before we move. The house is a huge mess and we have yet to hire a handy man for the repairs. The good news is, it's only going to cost us about $225 for the repairs, minus the two bedroom doors. We'll be getting that done sometime next week.

Here are a few other photos of the new house.
One of the bathrooms, not sure which one.
Swing set right out back.
Our walk-in closet.

Another view of the living room.


  1. What a beautiful new home! And a park and pool right outside! I am glad you guys found a place.

    Just looking at the photos it looks like there could be a dishwasher to the right of the sink. I hope there is one! The closet with the wood paneling looks like a cedar closet. Does it have a scent? I am trying to think of a way to describe the scent...anyway it will keep moths out of your things stored in there.

    I hope you have a safe and easy move!!!

  2. Nicole- Thanks Nicole, I haven't actually been to the house yet, so I have no idea if the closet has a smell. There was another picture of the kitchen that showed a slight black strip that could have been a dish washer. At least my aunt and I thought so.

  3. CONGRATS! The house looks so well taken care of! Good luck with the moving process ;)


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