Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally Settled

Wow, that was the craziest three weeks we've had in a long time! I am happy to say it's finally OVER. Here's a quick rundown of the chaos...

Moving day- Saturday, 6/2

Sean and I were up at the crack of dawn. The movers weren't coming until 2 or 3pm, but I wanted to get a jump start on cleaning the bathrooms. The kids were told to gather up the last of their toys in there room and move out their beds so I could vacuum. Sean left to get the truck and tie up a few lose ends with work. By noon, we were all sitting around in a house full of boxes, with nothing to do. I couldn't clean anything else until the movers loaded the truck, so we just sat....and sat...and sat....The phone rang around 3pm. It was the movers wife saying they were going to be late because they were sitting in front of the house of another client, waiting for almost 2 hours for them to get there so they could unload their stuff. Wow, can we say RUDE! WHO DOESN'T SHOW UP WHEN YOU KNOW THE MOVERS ARE COMING TO UNLOAD YOUR CRAP!!!!!

They finally showed up at our house around 4:30pm. They didn't head to the new house (which is about 40 minutes away) until around 6:30pm. Sean left with them to help out. The kids and I stayed behind to clean. We washed the floors, vacuumed the living room and washed all the windows too. We were done with all that by 8pm. Sean called and said they couldn't get the refrigerator through the front door. So they had to roll it all the way around to the back slider, up a hill, over grass, and then down a hill. Of course it wouldn't fit through the gate, so they had to lift it over a wooden gate, about 4 feet high. Our fridge isn't small, so poor Sean and this guy had a hell of a time doing that. Once they got it into the kitchen, they soon realized the area for the fridge was too short and narrow for our fridge, so they had to put it on the other side of the kitchen, by the washer and drier. It took them an hour just for that alone, keep in mind too, it was dark outside during all this chaos. Sean called around 8:30pm and said it would be at least another hour. Meanwhile the kids were hungry and tired. Fortunately, I left some cereal behind. They munched on that and watched The Land Before Time 3 on Netflix, on my tablet.

By 10:30pm, the kids were crashed on the living room floor. Poor Fionny had been crying for hours because he thought the flood was too hard to sleep on. By 11:30pm, Sean was finally on his way back with the truck. He had to drop it off and pick up his car. Both he and the cab arrived to pick us up at 12:30am. Half the kids went with me, and the other half with Sean. We finally arrived at the new house around 1:30am. There were boxes and furniture everywhere. I just threw the kids mattresses on the floor of their bedrooms and put them all to bed. Sean and I stayed up until around 3am.

Sunday- Day 2

We woke up around 8am but the kids slept until 9 or so. The house was a complete mess. I had no idea where to start. Because we only took one dog with us that night, Sean had to drive all the way back to the old house to get him. I started with the kitchen. The pantry is so cool, from Ikea. It pulls out and has sliding drawers, 5 in each. Great for all the dry goods! There is also I really cool lower cabinet for the pots and pans, with two wire racks that swivel out. LOVE IT! It took me all morning to set up the kitchen.

I really can't remember what I started on next, everything was such a mess. We had the 55 inch TV on the living room floor, face down on two couch cushions because the stand wasn't on it. The couch was on its side because the feet had to be attached. (I had no idea where I packed those.) The dining room table was in the kitchen and my classroom table was in the dining room. Boxes were everywhere. It was like a maze downstairs. I was so overwhelmed. I just started moving boxes upstairs. Because we don't have a tun of storage space, I just left crap we aren't using in the boxes and stored them in the garage. It literally took me 4 days to get our house in order.

Once everything was put away, we came across a few annoying problems. For one, we had to wait 5 days after moving in for the gas company to come hook up our dryer. Of course the dirty laundry piled up and smelled really bad in my kitchen. Once the dryer was ready, we then had a problem with the cold water faucet. The handle had rotted out and was spraying water everywhere. It took the landlord two days to have her brother-in-law come out and fix it. (Which only took him 15 minutes to fix once he got here.) In the mean time, I had to hang a bucket over the faucet just to wash a load of laundry. We then found another problem with the dryer. It was taking hours to dry one load. Our landlord said we had to make sure the vent thingy was completely straight. To do that, my dryer has to stick out about two feet from the closet, which looks horrible. That didn't solve the problem. My Dad thinks the heating element is toast, but the clothes are hot inside, they're just not drying. I think the problem is the vent is too far from the dryer. It has to travel down under the kitchen and then another 10-15 feet out to the back porch. Our old house, it only had to travel to the other side of a wall. Very annoying, but nothing we can do.

The other annoying problem is the pluming. It takes 5 minutes for the hot water to heat up, both up and down stairs. The upstairs hall bathtub is badly clogged. The shower in the master bath has no pressure at all. Not good for someone with really thick long hair like myself. (It takes me 5 minutes just to rinse all the soap out of my hair.) It's also really hard to get the temperature right. The most annoying, anytime someone flushes the toilet, it turns the water ice cold. If the washer is running, it turns the water burning hot. We are considering buying the place after our lease is up, but she will have to get some of that stuff fixed if she wants us to buy.

All in all, we are pretty happy with the place. It's super quiet and the neighbors don't really both us. We do hate that every time someone walks their dog in the courtyard, they stare right into our kitchen. I bought sheers and curtains for the slider to try and prevent that. People can be so freakin rude!!! Here are a few pictures of the kitchen and living room.

View from stairs.

View from dining area.

Another dining area view.

View or mirror and stairs.

View of dining area and kitchen entrance.

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  1. Uh, moving is such an adventure isn't it!?!? I'm glad you like the new house and hopefully all the little things will be fixed soon. =)


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