Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Interview Update

As I said in my last post, Sean was interviewing with another major wireless carrier this week. That interview was Monday. He had his suit pressed and bought new shiny black shoes too. It was scheduled for 2pm, so he left around 11am to go get a haircut and shave. He also got a facial (don't ask). He arrived 15 minutes early and met with three people. The questions were basic, but they had been watching him in action for nearly a year, so they knew what to expect from him. He had a blast. They asked him how he was so successful and what his course of action was. Of course, he used their company as an example. Telling them how he "crushed" their reps every chance he got. He thought that made them a bit uncomfortable since non of them looked up as he was explaining his strategy. They liked what he had to say, so I guess he didn't offend them too

After all the professional questions were answered, they started talking money. Sean threw out an offer that he was sure they would object to, they didn't even bat an eye. Sean considers himself a pro when it comes to body language, and he was telling me how they didn't even flinch when he asked for his desired bass salary and commission. He knew this company paid more, but didn't expect THAT MUCH more.

They also asked him what the status was with his current company. Of course they knew about the lay offs, but wanted the inside scoop. He explained where it stands. They have to do these stupid side jobs until Aug. They were actually totally fine with that because they do not currently have an open position for him right now. However if his current company were to let him go today, they would "create" a position, with his agreed salary and commission, until an opening was available. They left it with, if they let him go sooner, Sean would give him a call, or if the position became available, they would call him.

Sean was actually sad to see the interview end, he was on a role and having fun with the guys. His impression of this company has always been unfavorable, but after sitting with these guys and learning about the oppritunities, suddenly they don't seem so It left him feeling good about our future. In the end, that's all that matters!

On a funny note, when Sean got home, he was still dressed in his suit. Our STUPID dogs didn't realize it was him and went NUTS. Bear was in the kitchen, on his leash and Wookie was in the living room. Wookie was barking and growling at Sean, so he decided to chase him all over the living room. Poor Wookie was terrified, slipping and sliding on the tile trying to get away from Sean. Bear was so afraid for Wookie that he released his anal glands. OMG!!! That was the most DISGUSTING thing I have ever smelled in my entire life. We have no idea what it was. I had to clean it up and then go wash him with the hose outside. It was horrible. Sean looked it up online to see what happened. He almost vomited when he found out what it was. I remember as a kid, my Mom would take our dog to have the vet extract that stuff, but I had never seen a dog do it on its own. I guess it happends in some breeds when they are really scared. STUPID SEAN!!!!


  1. eeeew. That doggy thing sounds weird and gross. I didnt know that happened either.

    I like the name WOOKIE!

  2. It was beyond gross!!!LOL

    We named him Wookie because his coloring and mopish hair reminded Sean of Chewy from Star Wars.

  3. LOL, your poor dogs must have been soo scared! ;) August isn't too far away hang in there Sean!!!


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