Thursday, June 21, 2012

Layoff Update

So, as much as I hate posting about this, here is the latest on the layoff. The new company taking over Seans' position nation wide took over this past week. So on Tuesday, there was suppose to be a meeting telling everyone what was going to come of them. Well, that didn't happen. Instead the new area director, (who has no people skills what so ever) had a conference call with all the DM's at 1:30pm. (Never mind that thousands of peoples lives are on hold while you take your lunch break.) So the deal is, all the SDR's will be going to "fake stores" to make sure they are following the proper corporate guidelines. In other words, he is spending two hours per day in a store going down a checklist with the manager. It's "busy work" because they don't want to pay them all out. Instead the company is hoping they will hate the work and just quit. If they want their full severance, they have to stick it out until Aug. 18th. Instead of doing the right thing by letting them all go, they are prolonging the process and insulting them in the process. I say that because the guy who Sean has to report to was under him 4 weeks ago.

Sean is not taking this well at all. Yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary and after that meeting, he was in a horrible mood. It's so unfair what the company is doing. I don't understand the whole process, so to me it's a bunch of BS. What's worse, he has an interview with another huge carrier on Monday and now he has to tell them he can't come to work until after Aug. 18th. My mom thinks, if it comes down to it, screw the severance and take the new job. What she doesn't understand, that money he will be getting pays for the down payment on a new house for us. It's all just a really crappy situation. I'll post more updates as they come.


  1. Wow, what a crappy company for doing this! I know it is terrible, but please stick it out!!! It is two months and in the end there will be a big payout and you'll have down payment money. Those jerks do not deserve to not pay it out!

    I'm sorry that you are going through this. Hopefully Sean will get used to the "busy work" and it will go easier for him. I think any other big name carrier will be thrilled to have him and be willing to wait. Your husband did such a great job for the bad company and I think any other company with an ounce of intelligence will see that. Stay strong!

    1. Thanks Nicole! You're kind words are much needed. In the end it will all work out, getting to that point is the hard part.


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