Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Making New Friends......NOT

With condo living comes the end of your privacy. We are learning that rather quickly these days. Since the swings and sand box are right off our back porch, and the neighborhood kids and parents stroll right by all hours of the day. Sometimes the kids are playing on the porch. That brings other kids up to our porch as well. Of course the dogs then go nuts. Wookie is far from friendly, so it can get hairy at times. I feel as if I always have to be dressed, (including a bra) hair combed and in shoes because I seem to meet a new parent every day.

I guess that's good for the kids, you know, socialization and all. However Sean is not the social type and tends to get a bet annoyed with people walking by, looking into our kitchen windows.   So I bought sheers and curtains for the slider and window above the sink. Once school starts back up again, I'm sure all the craziness will subside.

Condo living brings other issues as well. Like paper thin walls and crabby old ladies that don't like children or dogs. Let me tell you about the bitch lady that lives next door, to the right of us.

Last week, some guy tried to get into our front gate. Of course we leave it locked at all times, so he went around to the back gate. The kids were on the porch and came running in to tell us someone was here. Of course it was morning and I was still in my robe, Sean in his boxers. The dogs were going nuts, (They hate strangers) so I went out to see what he wanted. He wouldn't talk to me, he just kind of stood there, until Sean came out. (Did I mention he was Iranian) He didn't look at me at all, instead spoke directly to Sean. His words, "I hope I don't offend you, but your kids are shaking my Mothers house from upstairs. It feels like an earthquake.) The girls bedroom is right off her living room. Yes, they do like to jump around in their room, but shake her house like an earthquake, COME ON!!! We apologized and told him we'll try to keep it down. If she wanted total quiet, she should have moved to a 55+ community. She actually creeps the kids out, because she peeks over our fence all the time. She actually stands on something in her yard to watch my kids. Of course Sean had to bring that up to the guy. He just said, "She is having with drawls from not seeing her Grandchildren. She loves children." Now wait a minute, didn't she just complain about my children? Now she wants to watch them? This lady is crazy!!!

He then proceeded to complain about our dogs. He said, "My Mother feels like she has lost her home." What the hell is that suppose to mean? Yes, my dogs are rather loud. Bear is a 52lb Lab/Cocker mix. He has a deep bark. Wookie is a ShiPoo and quite yippee. Every time someone walks by our back porch, they bark. We try to keep them quiet, but its hard. He kept hinting that there were "laws" in this town against barking dogs. He didn't actually threaten us, but we got the point. So, Sean ordered two debarking collars for them. It seems cruel to me, but what's worse, a little vibration or a trip to the pound. It seems to be working. The collars start off light, if they continue to bark, it increases the strength of the vibration. Bear does not like that at all. He yelps. Wookies' reaction is actually funny. His setting is on the lowest, and every time he barks, it vibrates and he ups straight up in the air. We died laughing the first time we saw it.

Another strange incident, this old guy brought his grandson to the swings. He looked to be about two. Nothing weird there....UNTIL he picked the child off the swing.....HE HAD NO CLOTHES OR DIAPER ON!!! The kid was naked from the waist down. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The guy picked him up and carried him on his shoulders....NAKED!!! EEEWWWWWW!!!!! Of course I wouldn't let my kids go within 10 feet of that swing. This was a few days ago, so finally after my kids complained for days about having to share one swing, I went out with my bleach cleaner and scrubbed that crap out of the swing, bottom and top. The neighbors must have thought I was crazy. What's even funnier, yesterday the guy came back with the kid while my boys were out there and Fionn says to the guy, "Don't put your baby on that swing, some guy put his kid on the swing naked." The poor guy must have been so embarrassed, because he left right away.

Anyhow, the kids have made a few new friends. Lots of little girls around for Mary and Lizzie to play with. I just hope we can get use to the no privacy and crabby neighbor lady.

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  1. I feel for you!!! We lived in a half house in town for years, and had much of the same problems!!! It was bad. Teens "mooning" my kids, crazy neighbors who were always out arguing even at 3 o'clock in the morning! We even had our car windows broken 5 times! Four years ago we moved into the country!!!! It's so much nicer. I realize that may not be possible for you. We had to give up a nice house to get into the country. Our our new fixer-upper country house is getting better! I will pray that God will help you find piece in this time of trial.


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