Friday, July 27, 2012

Potty Training Summer

The time has come to either s*** or get off the pot (pun intended) with this potty training Liam thing. For those of you who know our family, know that Liam will be 7 this September. For everyone else, before you start judging us about having a child that is nearly 7 and NOT potty trained, you have to hear the rest of the story.

Liam is our special child. Starting back when I was pregnant with him. Right around 4 months, I started gushing blood. No pain, just gushing blood. Since we had already loss two babies, I was terrified that I would lose him as well. We went to the ER and they set me up immediately with an ultrasound and heart monitor. They could find nothing wrong on the ultrasound. Everything looked normal, but they couldn't explain the bleeding.

The next morning, I had an appointment with my OB-GYN. I sat in the waiting room for hours. There was a miscommunication an I didn't actually have an ultrasound appointment. So I had to wait for hours for an opening to see the tech. Meanwhile, Sean was waiting out front, in the car with Declan and Cian. As I sat there, I saw dozens of happy couples, waiting to catch a glimpse of their new HEALTHY, babies. All the while, I was waiting to hear if my baby was going to survive. A total of 6 hours I waited, until they finally called me back. The ultrasound lasted all of 10 minutes. The tech said everything looked GREAT, they could not explain why I gushed so much blood. They said it was most likely an excess amount of lining from implantation.

Fast forward to 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 months. He was slow at EVERYTHING. Very far behind all other babies. Rolling over, sitting, standing, walking, talking, losing teeth and yes, even potty training. We have had some horrible moments with him playing with his poop, but he would always resist potty training. The first few times we tried, he bugged if he went anywhere near the potty. We tried everything from character potties to candy treats. He was having none of it, so we waited until he was a little older, and waited, and waited.

Finally, once this school year ended, I was determined to get him potty trained. I did a tun of research on potty training children with developmental issues and found that it is possible to get him at least 90% trained. Of course it could take 6 to 8 months. The biggest problem is he won't tell you when he has to go. He doesn't mind wearing dirty underwear/diapers. He doesn't fully grasp the concept at this point.

So, its been 5 full days. He has been in underwear all day, diapers at night. We sit him on the potty kicking and screaming for the whole neighborhood to hear. Actually, he pooped in the potty right away. I wish I could have taken a picture of the look on his face when everyone (Sean, me and ALL the kids) cheered and clapped for his first poop in the potty. He was both surprised and thrilled at the attention. And yes, we rewarded him with a treat. I know that's not the proper way to potty train, but when you have a child like Liam, you do WHATEVER it takes. Of course getting him to pee in the potty wasn't as easy. We had him sit there for around 30 minutes...nothing. So I let him go watch TV. As soon as he got those underwear on, what does he do...pees....go figure. He did finally pee in the toilet once that day. The next few days got a little easier, instead of taking an hour to pee on the potty, he would take 10-15 minutes and then 5 or so. Still kicking and screaming each time and still had a few accidents, however none of those were poop accidents. He has done that in the potty every day!! I guess I should count my blessings

Yesterday was the first day he had NO accidents!!! What a big step for him. He goes pee pretty quickly now, but still won't tell you he has to go. I just stick him on the potty every hour or so. I'm not sure he will ever be able to fully tell us he was to go on his own, but we have to hope and have faith that he will eventually get it. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!


  1. hope this goes well for you and Liam.

    Three cheers from me for success!

  2. I hope all is going well!!! It will be worth all the frustration once he's trained =)


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