Saturday, August 25, 2012

35th Birthday Scare...

Well this year my birthday was almost tolerable. I stress ALMOST!! It started off great. Sean bought me a dozen red roses, two beautiful sun dresses and a really cool Patriots shirt. We had a nice breakfast with Krispy Kreme donuts and iced coffee. We had a very calm day, lounging in our bedroom while the kids watched Phineas and Ferb. I even got a chance to play a few games on my tablet. It was all going great until Sean left to get In-N-Out for dinner. He went out the back gate since his car is now parked in the parking lot. The gate is pretty warped and the latch doesn't work well. So I guess when Sean left, it didn't latch. The kids were still watching TV and the poor dogs were out front, in the heat with no water. So I went out to fill their bowl. (Declans' job, I might add) Declan came trailing out with Sam. After chasing them both back into the house, I noticed Liam was no longer on the couch. We yelled for him, but no answer. I ran up stairs to check all the rooms, nothing. I ran to the back slider and didn't see him. However the gate was ajar. Panic took over my entire brain and I was frantic. I ran out in nothing but Seans' t-shirt and panties. All I could think about was the highway 500 feet from our little park. Liam doesn't know better and would bolt straight for the street. I looked around completely panicked. I saw a woman looking around, she was all the way down the hill from our house. I could hear Liam screaming. There he was, on this ladies porch, screaming for me. He was covered in chocolate from head to toe and wearing nothing but his underwear backwards. He looked like a homeless child. I opened her gate to let him out. She said he was wondering around out here holding a bottle of Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Sanitizer. Of course, she thought it was bleach and freaked out. She said they were about to call the police. I thanked her for finding him and took him back home.

I was shaking from head to toe. I felt like I was going to puke. I called Sean to tell him what happened. He was in complete shock. He went straight to Home Depot and bought a bar for the slider. Liam is smart enough to unlock and open any door, but he has no common sense. He doesn't understand danger or fear. He just wanted to go outside and play. If that lady and her husband hadn't found him, Lord knows where he would have gone. At the same time, I feel like such a bad parent for not knowing my child left. I was more concerned with the dogs. Who puts their dogs before their children. I'm still beating myself up over it, but I know it could have happened to anyone. I never thought he would run out the door that though.

It's over, we've secured the slider with both a safety bar and one of those window stopper thingies. Sean reminds Liam everyday not to got running outside without one of us. I don't think it helps though. Liam is Liam, he will do what he wants and any amount of restriction doesn't seem to stop I hate to see what he will put us through as a teenager.


  1. Okay, first off, you were not putting the dogs in front of your children. The dogs were outside during a hot summer day with no water. They NEEDED water. Giving them something they needed to stay alive is NOT a bad thing!

    What if you had been going to the bathroom while Liam slipped out? Would you berate yourself for needing to do something so necessary?

    RELAX! It happens. It happens to everyone. Clearly Liam thinks a little differently then his brothers and sisters. Still, any of them could have done the same. Sometimes the kids just don't think. Besides, as soon as you came inside you noticed him issing and went looking for him. If you hadn't been concerned, and gone looking for him in a t-shirt and panties, then perhaps we'd wonder about your lack of concern.

    Don't worry. The other children will see this as something not to do and perhaps Liam will learn a little lesson. too.

  2. Oh girl, that is the worst feeling EVER! Please don't beat yourself up over it. Unfortunately it happens to everyone. =)


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