Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sean Goes Back To School!

Wow, life is just crazy around here. Sean officially gets his last paycheck with his former employer in two days. Four years of blood, sweat and dedication all gone. It still stings a bit, but life goes on.

He has decided to go back to school. He had 2.5 years at GWU. Pretty much a full ride too, but just never finished for stupid reasons. Well, now he is considering a career change, to IT. He wants to learn to write code for Java. He's amazing with computers and thinks this would be a great career move. I think it's just what he needs. With his current career path, he is pretty much stuck because he doesn't have a degree. He can't get the jobs he's qualified for because he lacks a diploma and any other positions won't give him the time of day because he's over-qualified. So, after a couple weeks of being down in the dumps, My Mom suggested he look into computers. Turns out it's exactly what he needed to get himself excited.

He bought two books to get himself started, Java for Dummies and All-In-One CompTIA A+ Certification. To even get his foot in the door, he needs the A+ Certification. The book is huge, about 3 inches thick with 1454 pages. That's a lot of work, but wants he learns it all, he just has to pay $200 to take the test and he's all set. Of course he will have other certifications he needs, but this gets him started.

Our local community college has a few courses he wants to take as well to at least get an AA. It won't help with his current career change, but it will help him get the jobs he wants currently, in the wireless industry. Since we have 7 children and he is unemployed, he will certainly qualify for financial aid, and if not, it's $35 a course. Not too shabby!

I am totally excited for him. I think this would be great and I have been nagging at him to go back to school for years. It will be tough, I may have to go back to working nights at a hotel for awhile, but it could be good for me. I need to get out more. Plus I will still be able to teach the kids during the day, we'll just have to start our day a lot earlier.

On a more personal note, I finally sent in my paperwork to get my name officially changed to O'Donnell. I know, it's been nearly 9 years, but I just kept putting it off. Now, since I lost my SS card a few years back, I kinda need a new one if I want to go back to work. Unfortunately, our old cats chewed up the side of our marriage licence, right where my date of birth is shown, so they may reject it. I'll find out soon enough. Another reason not to have

Last but not least, the kids are all fighting a mild cold. Lizzie however, has a Staff infection that I have been fighting for months. I only just now found out it was a staff infection because I have had my second UTI in a month. I went to the doctor a couple days ago and the Dr noticed my last infection was caused by Staff, which is rare for a UTI. It finally clicked in my brain. I told him I had been fighting a weird rash with my daughter for a couple months. That would explain a lot. So, as soon as Sean and the boys get home, Lizzie and I are off to the Dr. She needs to be put on antibiotics. Apparently Staff is going around like wild fire out here. They get a dozen cases a day. That's just crazy. I have no idea where she would have caught it. She doesn't ever leave the house. Maybe from the swings outside. I am so grossed out by the whole thing. I have never had a Staff infection in my life, I've never even had head lice. So I'm pretty freaked

A couple days ago, I took the kids out to get some cute pictures, here are the results...

Cian, Fionn, Mary and Lizzie

Cians' 1st professional haircut.

Declans' haircut.
Fionns' 1st professional haircut.

Mary striking a pose!

The fab three!

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  1. I am so happy that Sean is done working for a company that doesn't appreciate him! I think it is a wonderful idea for him to go back to school. Yes, things may get hectic, but I think it will be so good for him. Plus, if you do have to work a little out of the home it will be very good for you to get some time away even if it is at work!

    Good luck to you both!!!


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