Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back to School Time!!

Not much is going on around here this week. Sean finally got his severance from his former job. They now only owe him one last commission check. It's nice to finally close that chapter in our lives.

He has registered for school and will start classes online around the 15th of October. He's pretty excited since he doesn't have to pay a dime.

Speaking of school, I just purchased Declan, Cian and Fionn's school work from Seton's. $1043 this year, including books, lesson plans and testing. I know it seems like a lot, but if we were enrolling them in Catholic school, it would be triple that price. At least this way we know they are getting a stellar education and not causing ourselves to be bankrupt.

I'm starting classes on Oct 5th, which is a Friday. Weird, but since Sean's set days off are Wednesdays and Thursdays, it made sense to have school Friday-Tuesday. I just purchased all their school supplies from Staples as well. Sean gets 40% off with his work discount.
30 3-ring plastic folders-$23.37
6 Pink Erasers-$3.58
48 #2 Pencils-$4.99
96 Crayons-$7.99
24 Pens-$2.58
1 Holidays Bulletin Board Set-$9.74
Total-$56.53 with tax
Final-$33.92....Not too shabby. Another reason to love this company!

Declan has 11 classes this year. Math, Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Vocab, History, Religion, Science, Art, English, and Handwriting. This year Reading requires 4 book reviews, 4 paragraphs long with brainstorming. This will be a challenge for him since he can be a bit lazy with the thinking process. He likes me to come up with ideas for him. It's going to be a long

Fionny is so excited to start Kindergarten. He will have 6 classes. Math, Phonics, Handwriting, Science, Religion and Art. He already knows all his letters and sounds. He can read BOB Books on his own. He can also add and subtract 2 digit problems. He is going to be a joy to teach!

Cian is starting first grade. This year the school grades his work, so it is going to be a bit of a challenge for him. He has 9 classes, Math, Phonics, Religion, Science, History, Spelling, Handwriting, English and Art. He has never had this many classes before and has a really short attention span, so this will be a huge wake up call for him. I am guessing the first few weeks will be rough, until I can come up with a good routine/schedule. Seton's supplies Lesson Planners but you have to write them out. I really don't have the time to hand write each lesson for each class and child. I would prefer to use an online based program/app (for Android or Windows) but I have yet to find one. If any of my homeschooling Moms have any suggestions, please let me know!

All their books and lesson plans will be here via UPS Monday or Tuesday. I am excited to get started going through the lesson plans and seeing what they will be learning this year. I have their classroom set up in the kitchen, along with a new bulletin board theme. This year is monsters in I have to clean out the cabinet above my washer and drier for all their books and lessons. It's going to be pretty crowded in there.

My second challenge is what to do with the little ones, (Liam, Mary, Lizzie and Sam). Sam will mostly be napping during school, but Liam is a HUGE troublemaker and gets into EVERYTHING the second you turn your back. LIKE RIGHT NOW....UGH!!!! If anyone has any suggestion for that problem, feel free to share!

Well, I'll post pictures of their fist day in the near future! Hope you all have a lazy Sunday with lots of football and food....GO PATS!!!!

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