Saturday, September 8, 2012



So, I'm sure you've all heard of LinkedIn. Social network for job seekers...Well, a recruiter from the biggest IT company in the WORLD found Sean's LinkedIn profile and requested an invite. He was thrilled at the opportunity since it's near impossible to get in the company without someones help. She gave him her email and work number. So, he sent her a quick email thanking her and attached his resume. SHE CALLED HIM BACK WITHIN AN HOUR FOR AN INTERVIEW! She loved him and wanted to get him in front of a GM for one of there cooperate stores right down the street. (What's even funnier, Sean had already worked at this location. This store was one of his clients from his former job. He knew a few of the employees already.) The guy actually wanted to Skype the interview, that's how fast they were moving. He ended up going to see the guy in person the next day. He met with three people and was then directed to a Skype interview with a DM the next day. We have never used Skype before, so we had to install it onto our tablets to test it out. Way cool!! The interview went great and she wanted Sean to meet with yet another GM, for a flagship store. That guy loved Sean as well.

 All of this took place in less than a week. They offered him an Asst. GM position with the intention of making him the sole GM once he was fully trained because the guy running the place now wants to move to another state. Everyone he has talked to says this company is the BEST company to work for. They all love the place and feel blessed to be a part of the team. The benefits are FREE!!! Stock options and 401k are available as well. The best part, there is an entire network set up to help you get where you want to go within the company. They pay for your schooling and point you in the right direction. It's all like a dream come true.....except one thing....the pay. He is taking a HUGE pay cut to work for this company. He actually has another offer with another huge IT company, his former boss was just hired there and she wants him to be her  first hire. The pay would be about the same as his last job, with the same title (SDR). She should be getting back with him in a few days as to what the exact pay would be.

Since Sean accepted the offer with the first IT company, he just cleared their CRAZY background check and started TODAY! He's not sure what to do about the other offer. On the one hand, this current company is a DREAM COMPANY! He can do ANYTHING with this company, he just has to bite down and pay his dues for a year or less before he can make the big bucks. On the other hand, he can work with his former boss making the same amount of pay and doing a job he loved. He has freedom and can make his own schedule. It's a tough decision....what would you do?

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  1. Congratulations on the new job! That is terrific news! I hope Sean and you are able to come to a decision that best suits your family.


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