Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thankful Thursday......well Sunday.

I was going to write a post about Amanda Todd, (the girl who took her own life after posting a cry for help in the form of a YouTube video, due to bullying) but soon realized how sad the situation was and how much we need to be thankful for. So, thanks to the lovely Jamie Jo, I decided to begin the tradition of Thankful Thursdays!

           I'm thankful for this teenage girl who doesn't need Facebook, a boy or friends to give her
           self-confidence. (But will give me an attitude for putting her picture on my

 Thankful for ABCMouse to keep my ever-learning Kindergartner entertained during the older kids lessons. Since he breezes through his own bookwork, this site has been a blessing for me to keep his mind busy.

               Thankful for BOB Books to help teach Cian to read when no other books could do the job!

               Thankful for Children's Advil when poor Fionn Bear is running a 103 degree temp.
                                                    30 minutes and he's out like a light.

                                    I'm thankful for silly siblings with the same goofy smile.

                      Thankful for beautiful weather year round to sit in the grass or play outside.

                         Thankful for shy little boys that only come out of their shell at Disney.

                       Thankful for beautiful little girls that still suck their thumb, since birth.
                                             (I may regret that one when she needs braces.)

                     Thankful for patient doggie who puts up with toddlers laying all over him.
                              Thankful for messy kitchen floors, which mean Daddy is home!

          I'm thankful for Android Tablets to keep fussy babies happy when it's too hot to go to bed.

             Thankful for silly little girls who where dressed by their big brother for comic effect.

            Thankful for giant Mickey Mouse pumpkin that put huge smiles on my children's faces.
                                                         It really was something to see!

                                Thankful for almost perfect pictures, that is if some would stop
                                    stuffing their face for at least 10 seconds to snap a photo.

                                                      Thankful for patient Disney characters.

                         Thankful for Quad Strollers to allow us to take the entire gang to Disney.
                                                Despite the rude comments and dirty looks.

                                       Thankful for smart little boys who love their lessons.

                         Lastly, Thankful for finally finding the time to bake pumpkin cookies
                             for my hungry little cookie monsters after a 9 hour day of school.

I could not imagine a single day without our crazy life and family. I am so grateful to have been blessed with 8 beautiful children and an amazing husband who gets up at 5am to go to a job he hates just so we won't starve. Our life is far from perfect. On any given day, something goes wrong and another grey hair is added to my head. There isn't 5 minutes to go by before a toddler lets out a blood curling scream that will pierce your soul, simply because her brother touched her. On any given day, my house is in complete dismay and there is no amount of cleaning that with fix it. I laugh just thinking of all the crazy stuff that happens in our home. I could write a book and have anyone who reads it in stitches from laughing. Again, I wouldn't trade it for a billion dollars and a fancy mansion in Beverly Hills. (Though I wouldn't mind a vacation in one for a weekend.) We only get one chance in life. God has given us this life for a reason and it's our job to fulfill his dream for us. For that, I am truly THANKFUL!


  1. Love it!!! do you live close to Disney land? I used to live in Santa Ana--went to Kindergarten there!! Had grad night locked in Disney Land!

    Those cookies look great!!
    Your kiddos are beautiful!

    Is that teenage girl your daughter? She is really really pretty.

    Is that you in the video? If so, you need to change your profile picture--you have long hair!! You are also beautiful--and so young!

    Lovely thankfuls...your life sounds very much like mine!

  2. Yup, the 15 year old is mine. Thank you, she is very pretty when she isn't wearing too much eye makeup.

    Yes, the awful looking women in the video is me. (I do need a haircut.) Sean was video taping me without my knowledge. I'm not that young, you should see all my grey

    Thank you! Our life may be a circus, but we love evey minute of it.

  3. I agree with Jamie...did not recognize that lady with the long hair but figured it was the mama teacher!!

    Love these posts. Believe me my life is just as crazy. I do write a lot of stuff down because it is the crazy stuff that makes life interesting.

    You have a beautiful are very very blessed.

  4. Thank you Christine! Wow, I guess maybe I should update my profile picture. I just hate the way I look now. I don't even think I have a recient photo of myself.


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