Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

I hope everyone had a safe Halloween. We had a lot of fun this year. Sean actually had the day off. (Between work and school, we don't see him much.) The day it self was pretty crazy. The kids were bouncing off walls. You would have thought they had already eaten 50 pounds of candy. We did have a little trouble with Declan in the morning. He managed to get himself grounded for the day for carving "Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman" in the back gate. Since we are renters, we will have to pay for the damage. He got a good lesson in vandalism from Sean and had to sand out his handy work the best he could. (It looks a little better, but you can still tell something was written there.) He had to stay in his room for most of the day while the others got to play Xbox and watch Halloween movies. Sean did let him out to carve the pumpkin though.

By 5pm, it was pretty dark, so I got Mary, Lizzie and Liam dressed and ready to go on the first round. I took those three with me for an hour around the community. I could not believe how much candy the people around here were handing out. It was INSANE! They were all super friendly and loved the girls. This was actually Liams' first trick-or-treating experience. I think he had a good time. He got the hang of it pretty quickly. Mary was the leader. She was making her way from house to house, knocking on the doors and happily shouting "Twick or Tweet". She was so stinking cute. She made such a pretty Snow White. Lizzie was a bit shy at first, but she was super polite, always saying please and thank you. She always had to look in her bag to see what she got after each house.

Once we got back, Sean and the other boys went out for about 30 minutes. Again, they got so much candy. The people around here were handing out the good stuff too, not those crappy tootsie rolls and jolly ranchers. Full size Butterfingers and Snickers. One lady gave out Play-doh. She had all different colors. Fionn asked for brown, came home and made "dog poop" out of it. He thought it would be hilarious to plant it on the floor, right in front of the front door. (I was out front with the dogs.) Sean swore Fionn had that all planned out when he saw her color selection. He was so proud of him.....sigh. (My husband is such a pig sometimes.)

Sean had bought a huge bag of candy from Costco, but because Declan didn't clean up the dog poop in the front walk way, we decided against inviting kids to our front door this year. That of course, gave Sean a reason to dig into the candy. We had so much to begin with. It took three big bowls and then some to store all of it. What's even crazier, the candy is almost gone already. After all was done, we got the kids ready for bed and I read "Goodnight Goon" one last time. We were more than ready to head to bed ourselves. All in all, it was a successful Halloween. Here's the only pictures we were able to take. Sorry for the poor quality. Lizzie wouldn't stand still.

Super Liam

Lizzie Mouse

Mary White

Super Cian


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