Friday, December 14, 2012

Declan has been hospitilized

It's been a rough few days for us here. Our eldest son, Declan is currently in the hospital with an unknown infection in his head. It started out a few days ago with what looked like a zit on the bridge of his nose, right next to his right eye. Yesterday morning he woke up with his eye swollen shut and the "zit" three times the size it was. Sean thought it was a stye. I thought otherwise, so I called the pediatrician and described it to a nurse. She said it didn't sound like a stye because it wasn't on an eyelid and the eye wouldn't swell shut with a stye. She said we needed to bring him in ASAP. Of course Sean couldn't leave work early, so she told me to have Sean take him to a pediatric urgent care as soon as he got off work. So, 6pm they entered the urgent care. By 6:30pm, an IV with antibiotics was being swiftly pumped into his body. They took his blood for testing and scheduled a CAT scan for his head to see how deep the infection was.
They started him off with two rounds of antibiotics, and hour long each. He was then taken to radiology for a CAT scan. The results of that were clear, thank goodness. However they had decided to transport him to the children's' hospital for overnight observation and more antibiotics. He had two more rounds overnight and another round this morning at 7am. It is a very aggressive infection they think to be a form of Staff, but do not know for certain. They also found a piece of blue plastic wedged in his ear. Declan has no idea who put it there or when it even happened. Because it is in an uncomfortable place, he will have to see an ear and throat specialist to have it sucked out of his ear tomorrow. The doctors didn't seemed concerned about it and actually said it happens all the time. They thought it was funny. As a mother, I don't find a strange piece of plastic wedged in my child's ear "funny". (Did I mention how much I despise hospital's and doctors.)
Despite being in the hospital, Declan is in high spirits. He was "hamming it up" with the doctors and nurses both in the urgent care and hospital. They were all amazed how well he was taking it and how good he was. They even laughed at his jokes. Sean was convinced he was loving all the extra attention. This morning they brought in a PlayStation for him to play. Spiderman, of course. Looking at the picture, you can see his eye is MUCH BETTER this morning. Still a little swelling, but he can see out of it now.
Currently, he is being seen by an Ophthalmologist. They just dilated his eyes and are looking for infection in the eyes. He may also lance the boil on his nose to get ride of the infection faster. I am waiting for Sean to update me. If all goes well, he will get to come home tonight with more antibiotics. If not, he is scheduled for another round of IV antibiotics at 5pm.

UPDATE: Declan just saw the Ophthalmologist and they gave him the all clear. There were two of them looking at his eyes and they both agreed the antibiotics may have already killed the infection. It did not need to be lanced. We just need to keep a ward compress in it to begin the draining process. They are also giving him a cream to put on it to keep the infection from spreading into his eyes. He will need to see a pediatric ophthalmologist in a few days to determine if there will be any scaring. They should be home in a couple hours!
On a more depressing note, my heart goes out to the families of the children and staff who were killed at an elementary school shooting in CT this morning. Last night I was feeling sorry for myself thinking my child and husband were in a stupid hospital and not home with me. I didn't want to sleep alone. I didn't like strange people poking and prodding at my child either. They both will get to come home today or tomorrow. The families who lost their little children will not get to have their babies come home. Instead, they will have to bury them and say their good byes. Never see their beautiful smiles or hear their laughter again. Suddenly, I feel guilty for being so selfish. I can hug my child and husband when they get home. Those families don't get to experience that ever again. Something to think about next time you feel the world is unfair, when life isn't always perfect.


  1. Oh no!!! What's wrong? Many, many thoughts, prayers, mojo and anything else I can think of! Thinking of him and you and praying!!!

  2. OH, no, prayers for you and your son!! Poor kid!! Come on, the plastic, as long as it's not hurting anything, is kind of funny--on a look back at what we did as kids kind of way!!:) HOping he gets out soon, and they figure it out!

  3. Sorry guys, I realized I published the post before writing it. Still trying to get the hang of this new interface.

    Thank you Nicole and Jamie for your thoughts and prayers.

    Jamie- It's weird because Declan said he couldn't remember any of the doctors putting anything in his ear. He was sure non of the kids did either. I have no idea how long it has been in there. I suppose you're right, but it still upsets me to know that something is stuck in his ear and they think its funny. They're not the ones who have to pay for the bill from the insurance company to remove it. That's not funny.

  4. Much better news after reading the post! I'm so glad that he is doing better. I hope he continues to do so!

  5. Yikes! How scary!! I'm glad he's doing better, having a child in the hospital is so nerve-wracking!


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